Follow-ups with Uro or Oncologist-or both?

Hi everyone,
After my hubby Bobby's RC & post chemo finished, now coming up on 1st followup, just had Cat scan and labs next week..We are very anxious & we have appt with both doctors presently, is it necessary for both Dr. visits? Radiologist reads Cat scan results, and gives copies to both doctors. Which one normally would be the best or should we see both? Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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Hi, guys. I visit the oncologist every three months for one year. In December 2011, I will have had my third visit. I set one day aside to do this, all in one facility. I start by going to the bloodwork lab, which doesn't take long. Then I go straight down to Radiology for a Chest/Abdomen/Pelvis CT scan. Then after time for a bite to eat, I go up to wait for the visit with the oncologist. He by then has the blood and scan interpretations available and we go from there.

The surgeon and the urologist who were involved early on said they don't need to see me again as long as all is OK.

Good luck to you!

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Thanks brho for the great insight..

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I think for the first year or 2, at least, it may be wise to see both if they each still want to follow. Surgeon to follow surgical issues and oncologist to follow chemo issues.


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I saw my oncologist every six months, and the urologist every six months. This was on a rotating three month visits. Now that I am past five years, I no longer see the oncologist. Five years seems to be the magic number.

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My followups were supposed to be with my surgeon - my oncologist said he felt comfortable with the kind of followups my surgeon would do and so didn't need to see me himself. He also said he doesn't do this with all surgeons but trusts my surgeon. Unfortunately with the recurrence the point is moot... ;-) so my oncologist gets to see my smiling face more frequently than my surgeon.

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My hubby just sees the oncologist (RC-May 2010) and onco sends reports to the uro and PCP (and will to the surgeon if anything not right shows up). Bryan's oncologist is wonderful so we have been pleased with this arrangement. However, if in any doubt, would see both and find out their views on how follow-up should be done.

Good Luck!

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Thanks for all the great input, you all are a godsend and pillars of useful information for those who need it!!!
Love ya all....

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