I am interested to know if any major cancer centers use the FISH test as part of urological cancer detection. That is, was your cancer detected by a major cancer center and was the FISH part of the work up that detected the cancer initially. I know that FISH is used to follow cancer sometimes once it is diagnosed. BTW - FISH stands for Fluorescence in situ hybridization. Thanks


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OK, my situation. It was not used to detect the original BC. Blood in the urine, then cysto did that. RC 3.5 years ago. FYI, bag person. Started having some off and on drainage from the penis about a year and a half ago. They did a FISH test on the Urethra and Stoma, Urethra came back positive. Further checks showed nothing. Dr's said repeat FISH test yearly. 2nd time, another positive. This time scope showed a tumor in the Urethra. Urethra was removed 2 and a half weeks ago, superficial, non-invasive. So it did show the cancer for me. Just glad my Doc was on top of it and caught it. My understanding, and there are others here that can speak much better than I about it, is it's just another tool.

In my case, it did the job.

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I had this test done by my community urologist the first time I saw him and it was negative. Plain old cytology was also negative. I believe it was done again at the end of BCG but not sure. It was not helpful in my case. Cysto clinched the diagnosis.

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No FISH used in my case. Gross hematuria, suspicious cytology, positive turbt.


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FISH was ordered by my GP after gross hematuria. Pos FISH led to cysto/TURBT.

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