FDA isn't listening-time to turn up the heat regarding supplements

A champion of supplements in the House sends a warning to FDA. Persuade others in Congress to join him with our Action Alert! http://www.anh-usa.org/fda-isnt-listening/ Please sign petition ASAP if you care about your supplements!

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Sorry....the problem is the FDA is listening. And i'm not going to get into any arguements with you about your supplements which are not regulated. I am a Pharmacist and i know the dangers of mixing drugs....supplements are drugs you know.........i can't even begin to get into this.............

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Drugs kill people, supplements dont. I would figure a pharmacist would have that feeling since your salary is dependent upon pharmaceutical drugs and dependent upon people paying for them with all of their toxic side effects including death versus supplements. Have a nice life selling pharmaceutical drugs.

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I have to agree with "googi". Mixing so called natural substances can be as lethal as any combination of pharmaceutical drugs. If you get to much of certain vitamins that build up in your system it can cause among others: liver failure or kidney failure, etc. ..Any combination can be dangerous . Most lay people just take what friends suggest and it can be extremely dangerous if you have no idea what the side effects can be. Some substances can be good for some and lethal for others. Just cautioning..

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I personally know people who take tamoxifen and came down with cervical cancer because the surgeon and the medical oncologist did not list the side effects. With biophosphonates those people have esophageal cancer, osteonecrosis, femur fractures, kidney failure, death, plus others. No doctor discloses these side effects until after the people have them. I should know I went to a medical oncologist who wanted me to take chemo drugs and never told me the side effects. no supplement even comes close to these side effects.

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Naturalgirl, I'm afraid you will be surprised how many medications are plant/natural based. Vincristine/Vinblastin will be one perfect example, toxic as hell old chemo drug. Actually a part of our beloved MVAC. One may die taking the wrong mix/dose of supplements, but this is extreme. We all know that even vitamin C -not to mention D or B- can be pretty controversial.
Much more often it is a case of spending huge money for something that does not work. Or may be plain fake. I would better pay a few dollars more but be sure that let's say curcumine in capsule is really curcumune not colored chalk. So far it takes way too much research to find reliable supplement source.

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Supplement manufacturers make a lot of money by offering hope. They may have something to offer, and they may not. With a
million different opinions about which supplements might work and which might not, it's hard to know which supplement is
effective and which is snake oil. Take the latest hope hook to come down the pike, the acid-alkiline supplements. "Cancer cannot
exist in an alkiline environment, so you should take alkiline powders." My cell biologist friends tell me this is an over-simplification.
How can we, as bladder cancer sufferers, sort out the wheat from the chaff?

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First thing you might want to do is to research your interests in PubMed. (21 million medical citations)

Beats the hell out of getting your info from a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th party who has a financial interest in telling you what to do.

PubMed link

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I took a popular supplement for bladder cancer patients and became very sick from Vitamin A poisoning. My liver is permanently damaged. And yes, I could have died. Supplements do kill.

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