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I went to the doctor today and he said I was doing good.I will have my next scope in the out patient Dec.15,2010.
I had 3 tumors removed July 15 2009.

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Thanks for sharing your good news. Glad to see things are going well and hope you continue to be bc free forever.


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wonderful news! Hope it continues.
Browns Crossing

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I am so pleased to here your good report. I hope all of your reports are good. We love to hear happy stories here so keep them coming.

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great news is so nice to hear happy news hope things continue to go good for you

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Great News! Thank you for sharing!

:-) Cheryl

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Very glad to hear the good news! Hope all continues to go well for you.

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CONGRATULATIONS! It is the great news, I hope that it is thus for a long time My better deeos for all

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Always a relief when the good news comes - here's hoping this will be the norm for you!

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I thank everyone of you. This is not an easy road to travel and for some it is more difficult than others . With the help of God,Family,Friends and skilled medical help, we will get threw it the best we can. Thank all of you again.

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