Bladder Cancer Donations for Wedding

I would like to raise awareness for BC at my wedding this September (in honor of my father who was diagnosed in May) by giving out BC ribbon pins and donating $2-3 per person to BC research in lieu of silly favors that people usually end up throwing away.

Does anyone have suggestions where I could buy ribbon pins in bulk (for 125 guests) and where is the best place to collect donations, if people want to give more? The cheaper I can find the pins the more we can donate, so I'm looking for an economical solution.

So far I found either this nice pin, which would be higher cost but a portion of the proceeds goes to cancer research:
or dder-cancer-marigold-blue-purple

Or these stickers, which aren't as nice but then we could donate some directly to bladder cancer: color_id=Bladder+Cancer+-+Marigold%2FBlue%2FPurple

Please let me know if you have any other ideas!


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One year a group of us got together for another cause and made ribbons ourselves.

They were not difficult to make and came out really pretty.

Perhaps you could get a few volunteers to help and make the ribbons yourself to save on cost.

We used two different colors when we did our project, and they really were nice looking.

I think BCAN also sells bracelets and that may be another idea.

I like your idea...good luck and congrautlations on your wedding!


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Thanks Cheryl, That was the other idea I had, but since the wedding is so close I was just trying to figure out if there was something easier. I will contact BCAN directly as well to see if they have any suggestions.

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Just another thought....found this on BCAN

New Water Bottles in the BCAN Store!
Show your BCAN pride and help raise awareness of bladder cancer by making a purchase from the BCAN store! We’ve just added water bottles to our selection of t-shirts, hats, polos, jewelry and more. Your purchase helps to support BCAN’s mission by funding awareness, education, advocacy and research for bladder cancer patients and their families.

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I can't find the BCAN store, the only link I found on the BCAN website didn't work, could you send me the link to the store?

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I have tried to do an on site search for BCAN store and oddly, all I could get was they have a new website. Something is not right. Perhaps writing to the BCAN staff will get us some answers as to where is a link for the BCAN store. It used to be here because I have ordered from it before. Maybe the site is under construction. Maybe make a new discussion asking where the BCAN store is...maybe that will get us some faster answers. I am baffled .


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I emailed Laura, who was listed under donations, hopefully I'll hear back soon! :)

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Hi There....

I may have someone who could help you!
One of our members here name BJ.
She is a lovely lady. I will privately email you.


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