BCG and confusion (and worry) about test results

I just had my second bcg today. 3 days after my first one (last week), I had red blood and red pieces of some kind. I called Dr.'s office and was told that it was normal--bcg doing it's job. But I thought it was unusual to happen 3 days after the first bcg. Anyone else had this? Otherwise, no side effects so far.
Also, my urine tests 3 weeks after TURPT and just before BCG indicated leucocytes and hemoglobin (In other words, blood and elevated white blood cells). Again, Dr's office said this is normal, but I worry about infection/uti, but she said no. Cat scan also said "cystitis" in bladder. Not sure what this means. I would hate to have bacteria from bcg put into a bladder that already has cystitis bacteria. Or is that OK. Nurse, again, said it's ok. I'm confused about these results. Any thoughts?

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cystitis is inflammation of the bladder----it results from BCG--irritation. I have to fight it also. It's what causes the irritated urination---pain at times--bladder spasms etc---the side effects of BCG instillations. People have it to one degree or another---the more BCG instills you do--the more sensitive you tend to get to the BCG.
I assume your doing your induction round of BCG treatments---the 6 weekly initial instills (full strength doses). These typically are administered in one week intervals---7 days apart
My experience with BCG is that the more I took it the more sensitive I got to it---I think that 3 days in between is much too close.
My first three BCG instills were no problem--it was the fourth that really hit me hard--severe flu like symptoms---high fever--chills that lasted about 24 hours. Then the 5th and 6th were basically very painful urination that took a long time to clear up.

good luck

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My experience with induction was like Sommers...the 6 weekly induction treatments were scheduled a full week apart. I think 3 days apart is too close. The BCG does induce an inflammation...hence, cystitis of sorts. My urologist always waits 6 weeks after the last BCG treatment in the series before he does a follow-up cystoscopy. He told me that if you don't wait at least 6 weeks to do the cystoscopy, then the entire bladder lining will be too red and irritated to tell much of anything.

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Thank you. My bcg instillations are once a week, and I've only had two week's worth so far. I was just commenting that I had bright bleeding 3 days after my first instillation, and I had cystitis on my CAT scan report even before I had any instillations--well I guess it was from the TURPT. Thank you for your response.

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soon i will start bcg treatments. please tell me more about yours?---phyllis

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At my appointment for my first BCG treatment, I gave the usual urine specimen just a few minutes prior to receiving the BCG. The urine specimen was sent out to a lab for culture test and the results came back a week later indicating a bacterial infection called "Enterococcus Faecalis". The Uro's office called me just about an hour before I was to get the 2nd instilation of BCG. They said I had to put the BCG treatments on hold for a month while I am being treated for this infection with Nitrofurantoin antibiotic. The only symptom I have is some mild burning when voiding and frequency of every 2 to 2 1/2 hours. I know that BCG should be given a few weeks after TURBT which I had on May 24th, but I didn't get the first BCG until 8 weeks after surgery because of having continued irritation and slow healing in the bladder. Now with this infection, I don't know if the delay in resuming BCG in a month would be any cause for concern?

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Tom, I wonder the same thing myself. I imagine it's dangerous to insert a live bacteria into a bladder that already has an infection. But then, what is the risk of delaying bcg? I think it would be a good question for the doctor. That's why I was worried about doing BCG when my blood work and CAT scan showed bleeding and cystitis BEFORE starting BCC. But in my case, according to the nurse, there didn't seem to be a dangerous bacteria -- at least not enough to preclude doing BCG. Best of luck.

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Phyllis, I was so anxious about getting BCG, and just about the whole diagnosis. Many people at this site were very helpful in lessening my anxiety. I still get anxious, but find that the actual process of getting BCG so far has been pretty painless for the most part. Since I've only had 2 installations, I can only say that so far I have had no side effects, and will try to stay positive about the next 4. Many peopel have said that they get side effects around the 4th or 5th time, fever, more bleeding, etc. But many others have said they have no side effects. So I wish you all the best. Also, try to read as many past posts as you can at this site about BCG. Everyone is so helpful.

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