I was diagnosed with low-grade non-invasive bladder cancer on 2-2-12. I only had one tumor, although the Dr. said it was large. I had my first TURBT in Florida on 3-14-12. Upon returning north, and finding a new doctor, I had another TURBT on 4-25-12. I have to go on 5-8-12 for another CT scan and then in 3 weeks start BCG. Has anyone ever not taken the BCG and if so what protocol did you follow?

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That's a good question. Supposedly because I switched to a different Doctor in New York and he didn't want to take the findings of the Doctor in Florida, and wanted to do his own testing. But when I asked him why he wanted me to take the BCG he said because he was following the treatment recommended by the Florida Dr. So on one hand he didn't accept the Fl. Dr. but on the other hand he did. I'm leaning toward not taking the BCG but appreciate any opinions from anyone having any experience either pro or con. I have to go back on 5-8-12 to see the Dr. and get the biopsy report. He also wants another CT scan done before I see him but I have put that on hold until I get a definite reason why it is necessary, not just that because it's "procedure".
Would the tumor being "large" indicate having BCG?
I appreciate your input and any help that you can provide.


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Hubby had the small tumor...non invasive, removed and no other form of treatment except every 3 months an office cysto...We of course waited on the biopsy reports to make sure nothing more needs to be done except regular follow-ups. Not all tumors need Chemo. Hubby also had tumors in the right kidney and ureter. They were all removed. If tumors appear in the future...then Chemo and perhaps Kidney removal but so far...(wrap on wood) all is good....Wishing you the best.

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The most common reason bcg is given is for "high risk" bladder cancers that are not muscle invasive, ie carcinoma in situ (cis), high grade, non-invasive tumors, and high grade lamina propria invasive tumors (T1). Sometimes bcg is given in those with low grade tumors and the most frequent conditions for this are repeated recurrences, multiple tumors, or large tumors. Since bcg is not without risk, I can understand the wait and see approach, but would certainly want cystos on a routine schedule which I think is every three months for the first couple of years if there is no recurrence. A recurrence would reset the clock. Like other bladder cancers, low grade tumors do have a fairly high likelihood or recurrence, but fortunately they are unlikely to become higher stage tumors.


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Thanks everyone for all the feedback. I'll get the latest biopsy report on Tuesday and then have to make a decision. Unless something unforeseen shows up I think I'll hold off on the BCG and just do the cysto every 3 months. Then if there is a recurrence, obviously I'll have to start the BCG. I just hate to take something if I don't need it, especially since it may cause other problems.
I am so glad that I found this site. There are so many questions and it seems good to be able to find answers from others that are traveling the same road. I think that the fear of the unknown is the worst, but even after the initial shock wears off a million thoughts still go through your mind.

Thanks again,

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My husband and I both had low grade noninvasive tumors removed and the recommendation was for cystoscopes every 3 months for the first year and then every 6 months.

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Did you ever have the BCG treatments?

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No, I was diagnosed 5 years ago when we lived in New Jersey. My slides and pathology report was reviewed by Sloan kettering and they concurred that BCG was not necessary at that time. I then used a doctor in Manhattan who also agreed no BCG. LIving now in Westchester I had to find a new doctor because my doctor retired. My new uro who i now also my husband's uro also feels that there was need for BCG. My husband was diagnosed almost 2 1/2 years ago and he also has not had BCH.

Hopefully they all have been correct as well as our current doctor.

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