BCAN Patient Forum: Los Angeles, March 12th.

BCAN (the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network) will be hosting a Patient Forum on bladder cancer in Los Angeles on Saturday, March 12th. The forum, which is part of BCAN’s ongoing educational services for people (survivors, caregivers, family, friends) whose lives have been affected by a bladder cancer diagnosis, takes place at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel. It will begin at 9.30AM (registration opens at 9AM) ending by 2.30PM. There is a small charge ($15) for lunch. As space is limited, prior registration is required - this can be done on the BCAN website at http://www.bcan.org/stay-informed/forums/los-angeles/
or by telephone to BCAN (888-901-2226.)

BCAN Patient Forums consist of presentations by leading bladder cancer physicians (urologists and oncologists) on different aspects of bladder cancer – detection & diagnosis, current treatments, and research developments. In Los Angeles the speakers will include doctors from UCLA, USC and City of Hope medical centers. There will also be an interactive discussion on living with bladder cancer, as well as opportunities for questions & answers.
Full details are available on the BCAN website at http://www.bcan.org/stay-informed/forums/los-angeles/

Please contact BCAN if you think you would like to attend the Los Angeles Patient Forum - we look forward to seeing lots of you there..

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We won't be able to attend but does anyone know if we will we be able to get transcripts of presentations?

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They usually video tape all of the presentations and these are posted on BCAN. Unfortunately at the NY forum in October, there was a video malfunction of some sort so this one is not available. There are others that you can watch now.

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Here is the link to the past patient forums.


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These forums are highly beneficial to all who can attend. It is our opportunity to hear the doctors speak and answer questions about bladder cancer and its' treatment. I've had the privilege of attending two forums in the past. I would love to attend this one, but it is not to be, at this time.
All members in the area, please give it some consideration. You'll learn much. Meeting others in your area with this diagnosis will give you lasting support also.

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BCAN plans to record the forum presentations and may put them up on the BCAN website as we have done with previous forums, but that's not yet decided.

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