Hi this is my first post.

Has anyone had any experience with B17/Laetrile?

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Check out Dr. Ralph Moss website, he also has e-book. He tells what works and and what doesn't work for cancer.

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Hi Horace!Yes I tried laetrile,got it from apricot pips,you can buy a bag from a health food shop,grind them up in a blender,be warned they taste frightful and too much is toxic,the side effects can be bad.I stopped taking them.Instead I take heaps of suppliments that are proven to boost your immune system plus lots of high PH water (pure).So far all seem to be working.If you want any more info just ask.Cheers John Leigh.

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This drug as pretty much been disproved as to having any impact on cancer. It was and perhaps still is a big seller, but it is dangerous in that people see it as an alternative to other treatment. It is no treatment at all. Just a money pit/scam.


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Thanks for all the replies.

I've been taking apricot kernels for 5 - 6 weeks. I was taking 40 - 60 per day for a couple of weeks - and I'm still here - by some accounts this should have killed me :-). I'm now down to about 20 a day. I also take the suggested supplements.

I have just spoken to an old fella who has (had?) BC and who has been taking 3 - 4 apricot kernels with each meal and says he's had no symptoms for 2 - 3 years since his TURBT.

Last weekend I met a guy who was diagnosed with incurable lymphoma and was given 4 - 5 years to live. He radically altered his diet and a fews years later starting taking apricot kernels. 13 years down the track his cancer is nowhere to be seen and is in perfect health.

I have vacillated between being skeptical and hopeful but I have decided to give them a go.

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Hi John,

Can you say which supplements you are taking.


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Hi Joybob,

Any idea what he says about B17?


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Horace, I have that e book on my computer in Florida so I can't get to it here in New York. You can get another E book on line which has similar information it is "Cancer Step Outside the Box" by Ty Bollinger. Just go on line it is not very expensive. He will explain about this and other treatments.

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Hi Horace,I take,saw palmetto,broccoli extract,selenium,papaya,chorella,barleygrass,all in capsule form.I used to take a lot more but found I was getting side effects the a/m dont conflict and I feel toppo.I do make my own ionised water which I use for everything I imbibe,the Sloan Kettering webside can give you an idea as to what suppliments conflict with what drugs you may take ie:- flomaxtra and proscar etc.Ive had 24 BCG treatments and towards the end my reaction to it was severe and bladder cap,is still down to 200 mls max.Ive had 4 'all clears' and am now down to 1 cysto every 6 months.my ionised water I keep to 9ph I feel good ride my bike (pedal) 10 k's a day.I am about to visit to a therapist my uro recommended to try and increase my bladder capacity,how I have no idea.Cheers John Leigh.

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Thanks joybob - I have Ty's book already.

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Re the taste of the apricot pips - what I do is eat them with dried apricots (if not taken with food) - the flavours complement themselves so that the bitter taste is barely noticeable. I find if I spread the ingestion of the kernels over the course of the day there is little to no side effects. No more then 5 per 2 hour period.

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In a previous post I said I knew of a chap who had been taking apricot kernels for 2 - 3 years and had had no return symptoms.

In talking to him again, I find out that he has actually been taking the kernels for 5 years.

He had one TURBT (which turned out to be very painful) and was asked to come back for another cystoscopy. He declined and decided to go with the kernels.

I am wondering, given the nature of BC, whether it is likely that a person could have a 5 year free period without symptoms if there was no conventional therapy applied?

Would it be expected that within five years there would be resurgent carcinoma and haematuria?

Anyone got any ideas?

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Although bc is, statistically speaking, highly recurrent, that does not mean that everyone with bc will have recurrence after turbt, so it does not surprise me that someone would not have a recurrence after 5 years. I would think he is even less likely to recur with that history, but not necessarily as some have late recurrences after a long period of no tumors. Has he been having urinalysis to check for microhematuria?


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As far as I know he has had no testing done at all.

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So you are saying it is highly unlikely that he have no recurrence, but not impossible.

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I'm not sure of the exact figures for recurrence, but think they are in the 75-80% range, so recurrence after resection alone is quite common.


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Hi JJ,

I've been reading papers on BC management for the last few days. From what I can gather, to go without any sign of a symptom for 5 years without treatment (except for the initial TURBT) is well against the odds.

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I've been having a discussion about this on another BC group.

A member there says he was following the blog of a chap who after his first and only TURBT started taking kernels. Unfortunately, the cancer metastasized and he had to discontinue posting.

Anyway, he's a couple more stories with positive outcomes:



These might be of interest to people considering alternatives. I could offer many others related to various types of cancer.

I was hoping others here might have personal experiences to relate.


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I started this thread to see if anyone in here had personal experience with B17. I was looking for reasons to continue or not my taking of apricot kernels.

There has been no response from others who have personal experience with B17.

However, I thought it might be of some interest to people why I have looked at B17, given that it is controversial.

I want to make it clear that I do not recommend people take on B17. I do recommend, however, that people look at both sides and make their own minds up. I also want to make it clear that I do not recommend people ignore the therapies offered by conventional medicine.

I am driven to do this because I know how I feel about my having cancer, how it has affected my family. I have also seen the suffering and fear of others who have cancer and the fear and suffering of their loved ones. Reading various posts in this forum I see how people lay in fear and at a loss when all turns to the worse. For me, any hope that can be found in any place is worth the effort. Of course, some will say this is no better than false hope – something for each individual to ponder.

Firstly, I want to present some testimonials that I have found on the web. Yes, many of these are found on vendor sites, so you do not see any about how B17 failed. Also, you have to believe these testimonies are real and not fabricated – many have names, addresses, phone numbers – I leave it to those reading them to make up their own minds about their authenticity.

Here they are:









Phillip Day’s book “A world without cancer” also has many testimonials.

If you made it thru that lot, you may want to read what conventional medicine says – a place to find the contrary case is at the National Cancer Institute:

http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/pdq/cam/laetrile/HealthProfessional/page 5

See also the links to abstracts of various medical papers at the bottom of the NCI page.

I believe a sober view of the efficacy of B17 based on one physician’s clinical experience can be found in chapters 12, 13 and 14 of Binzel’s book “Alive and Well”:


I will leave it to those interested to follow up with their own searches of how the therapy works and is to be supplemented (Binzel’s book is a good start).

I can’t help thinking that conventional medicine does not necessarily have all the answers. I cannot understand why people with cancer would not look at every possible way it could be defeated or contained. Additionally, the use of one type of therapy need not exclude the use of the other.

For myself, I have radically altered my diet, I am taking apricot kernels and am looking at various supplements. I also meditate. How I approach the conventional therapies, I have not yet resolved for myself.

I have posted the above with some trepidation. Whatever path I choose to take is my business – I will take responsibility for the consequences. However, I am concerned, that in my posting the above, that people take a path that might be to their detriment. There is no way for me to resolve this. I am encouraged and moved to post the above after reading posts in here about people fearing the worst for their loved ones. I offer the above in the hope it might clarify for people some of the other choices that are available.

I wish the members of this forum, all the best.

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When I look at that plethora of negative info from reliable US based medical sources, I am cautious because the Laetrile advocates insist that there is a huge conspiracy between the US Medical establishment (AMA/FDA/Hospitals) and the Pharmaceutical industry. Thus I am prompted to look elsewhere and strangely, I can't seem to find any other country whose doctors have found Laetrile to be a effective and safe treatment for cancer.

Could it be a worldwide conspiracy and its the greedy medical establishment versus the needs of patients all over the world?

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