Anyone skip a BCG due to side effects??

Should I skip the next BCG ???
I am in my 2nd maintenance period. Had 2 of the 3 --- having terrible side effects from the last 2 treatments.
At my last scope on 8/18 bladder was all clear but uro said he understood why I was having symptoms after the first maintenance series. He said my bladder was inflamed. Thus the bad side effects with the last 2.
Has anyone skipped a BCG due to side effects??
I feel like my bladder needs time to heal before I have another. Just looking for thoughts from those who have been there.

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I had two treatments of BCG the second go round and had real bad side effects and called the nurse and the doctor told her to tell me not to have the third one. After four weeks they did the cysto and I had 1 tumor and 2 red spots. They later did a turb and removed the tumor and the red spots were irratition from the BCG. So he said I would have to go another four weeks without treatments. The 8th of September they will do a cysto and see how the bladder is.

Check with the nurse or doctor. They may say not to have the 3rd treatment. Just my experience.

Take care,

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I had to delay my 4th of 6 treatments during my initial round, due to severe chills, high (104°) fever, weakness, and aching and do a 3 week round of antibiotics. After that, I resumed my 4th, 5th, and 6th treatments with the usual side effects of burning, high frequency, mild flu-like symptoms for about 18 hours max. Did my next round of BCG with about the same symptoms, but somewhat less due to tripling my water intake.

However, later, I did get a prostate infection, with no symptoms other than a very high PSA in a matter of weeks, some bacteria and white blood cells in my urine. Am doing a triple antibiotic cocktail for one month. If PSA returns to normal it would indicate the infections has been knocked out, which is expected. Then I would begin my third round of BCG.

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I have had to delay by one week, but still got the required number. I also had a reduction in strength of the BCG about 50% for my last couple and that seemed to lessen the duration of painful side effects.

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I have had nearly 80 treatments- but like Gordon above, needed to have the strength reduced to 50% at around #70- no matter how long you go with BCG, it just doesn't get better. And like Fran, I have my cysto (#15) tomorrow. Hang in and stay strong.


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I had my strength reduced during my first set of 6 installations, one treatment was delayed 1 week due to severe irritation. Second round of BCG after more tumors appeared and were removed I had two installations of BCG but my bladder would spasm so bad I could not hold the BCG in so I dropped out. My bladder was removed about 6 months later. There was high grade CIS in many areas. Hope you find a solution.

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I have had 15 treatments first six then three times three,but last one was very soredoctor put me on stonger pain killers
as after two weeks i still very sore passing water.

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I had to skip a week between my 2'nd and 3'rd, then again between my 4'th and 5'th. After #6 I was useless for about ten days. I had the bad side effects, but I also had BCG w/Interferon A. I don't know how common that is.

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Thanks for the responses-- scheduled for Friday- will talk to the Dr and see what happens.
80 BCG's???? That is unbelieveable! Don't you ever get the point of not having to take BCG???

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My doctor started the BCG dose at 30%.
She said it was just as effective as 50 or 100%,
with less severe side effects.

Having said that; my 1st & 2nd of the first round were a week apart;
the 3rd treatment was two weeks apart and then had to wait 6 weeks,
due to extreme pain, frequency and burning. Then I got on some pain pills.
We waited another3 weeks to let the irritation subside. Then I had a cysto-
it showed a couple of red irritation spots, but thankfully no tumors.
The doctor said my lining had shed as it was supposed to do.
We waited another three weeks before starting the 4th treatment,
then two weeks again before the 5th and 6th treatment of the first round.
Having the pain pills and other bladder soothing teas, aloe and baking soda
helped me get through them easier. Now I get a 3 month break before starting
round two.
Best regards,

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had my first bcg treatment today at 3pm so far no side effects drinking a lot of water. can someone tell me what it means to have no side effects is thr bcg working

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I have missed treatments due to blood in urine and also for vacation. Everything I have read and heard says it is no big deal as long as you complete the cycle (if possible.)

For parz40: Many people have no side effects the first time and then it hits on the second and subsequent treatments. My U-doc says the presence or absence of side effects has absolutely no bearing on whether the BCG is working or not. The "no pain/no gain" rule does NOT apply. If you have no side effects, just count yourself as lucky.

Good luck.

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Since you are in the maintenance phase, you could ask your uro to switch to 1/3 dose per Dr. Donald protocol. He has found that reducing the dose is just as effective, has fewer side effects, & allows patients to stay in the maintenace plan longheris one of the pioneers in BCG work. You can contact him at his clinin in Phoenix, AZ. The bladder will always be inflammed to some degree from BCG treatments but you can reduce that & still stimulate the immune system with reduced dosage. Lamm has even had success with 1/10 or less doses. He recommends reducing the dose before the side effects get unbearable. Hope this helps

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During the first of the second round of BCG I had a bad reaction. Lots of thick red blood and tissue. Did the second at full strength as was not as bad. Went for the third and I had an infected bladder from BCG so had to wait another week with antibiotics prescribed. Third was done with normal occurance (blood, tiddue, urgency, buring with urination, and general malaise. Keep doing the procedure as it is better than the alternative. And who ever said 80 BCG. Good god man, is that what we all have to look forward too?

I have done nine and wish I had no more to go, but am scheduled every three months for two more years. First scope after TURBT was clear and I am hoping the next one next month says the same. Good Luck to you

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