still waiting on diagnosis

i am still waiting for results on my lower back mri, had eeg and now i have been having new symptoms. i no longer take neurontin or lyrica, i feel so much better. my leg twitches and cramps are pretty good w/o them. i am still in pain but with baclofen and tramadol, it has become less tolerable. I figure the less meds i am on while seeing this neurologist the better she can see what i am going thru?
i am now having severe dizzy spells so bad i lay in bed most of the day. i get up to go the bathroom, take shower, and occasionally have enough strength to cook dinner for the family, it really takes alot to do the household "chores". my husband is so great, he is really trying to help. these dizzy spells are making me so sick to my stomach it is hardly worth opening my eyes at times. it is not like a migrane, more like spinning but yet i'm sitting perfectly still. my lips are beginning to become numb as well as my legs and arms. i thought i have felt numb, but this is more like my legs take all my strength to move around and my arms could just hand there, is easier? make sense?

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