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this pass week the guy that murdered my mother went on trial. after two weeks of court, today, the day before Thanksgiving he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parol...Im so happy right now because I know now that mother is resting in paradise happy as she can be. I feel so happy that my brothers, sisters, and I can be happy again...knowing the monster that took her life will never get to live his life fulling now, his life will be confide to a cell in a prison...Im so happy...his children will never get to see him like they want to, and they can blame that all on their daddy...My mother gave him 15 years of her life and he took it away...Her 9 kids will never get to have that...But because im a young christian woman I forgave him a longtime ago because i cant walk around with that hate in my heart...not saying I like him, but if I could ever get to him I would tell him I forgive him...My mother lives through all 9 of her kids...in some sort of way...I got her strength and kindness,,,lol....

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