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I have recently lost my job due to working in a warehouse for over 3 years with little to no ventillation and I became very allergic to dust and mold.
I have been out of work now for approx 1.5 months and I can't seem to get any better. The doctors are frustrated with me. I can actually smell a dusty room now and I'm congested all the time. I went to donate to the Salvation Army the other day and I felt like my throat was thick and started to hurt. Because these symptoms won't go away I tend to get ill repeatedly. That's why I left my job but it's still occuring. I get the achy body feeling and extremely cold like sypmtoms at least twice a month. This knocks me right out and I'm in bed for a day or two at least twice a month. Has anyone experiened this? I go back to the allergist tomorrow whom is rather annoyed with me and acts like I'm crazy, but I'm clearly sick and frustrated. Any ideas what might be causing this or something I can tell the doctors to look into for better care/ treatment. thanks

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So many suffer with all types of allergens, my only recommendation is to give Grape Seed Extract and good trial. I've been taking
it 17 yrs soon and it's been a salvation with allergies/sinus issues and believe me I did it all before I found this antioxidant....jam

Do your research, MOST, docs don't have a clue about it.

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intertesting, thanks for the suggestion I'll have to try that. I have been doing alot of research and I go to an allergist tomorrow, again... I'm going to mention Perennial Allergic Rhinitis to him. I have been searching and this appears to be what it is, however in the past I have self diagnosed myself as ready for the coffing so I have to take a step back and I'll hope for the best. thanks for your suggestion.

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With your prolonged exposure to mold you might have ABPA. I was recently diagnosed with it but it took me over a year and a half to convince the doctors to consider this possibility. Many (around 20%) of asthmatics are allergic to aspergillus fumigatus (airborne mold spores common to the environment), a small percentage (2%) developing an auto-immune disease called allergic brochopulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA). Check out Wikipedia for more information. I was confident this allergy was the source of my breathing problems after cleaning out a compost heap in close proximity to the airborne mold spores. Still kicking myself for being a complete idiot, as I as asymptomatic before this exposure. The doctors will have to do a number of blood tests to identify if this is the problem, and it's relatively rare, so you will have to push them to do the appropriate tests.

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I also went thru 5 years of frustration, trying to figure out what happened to me. I was asthmatic as a child and did not have asthma symptoms for almost 35 years. In these 5 years of suffering, I had to tell doctors and specialists that what I had was some kind of lung disease that agrevated my asthma. They never came as episodes or an attack as they did when I was a child. It was an everyday occurance. I was on so many antibotoics that I am now anit-biotic resistent. I saw ENT specialists, asthma and Immunology specialists, 3 different Pulmonists, Gastroentologists, and a Sleep Apnea Doctor. I coughed up phglem constentlly, espcially at night. It was like I had a constant cold. After sinus surgery DID NOT work, I had PFT testing, chest X-rays (showing scarring of lungs) CAT scan of lungs (showing nodules from inhalers and antiboiotic). I finally DEMANDED, after thousands of dollars spent by my husband; because I couldn't work, to test me for empysema, which I didn't have and COPD, which I also didn't have. After 5 yrs, it was determined that I have allergic asthma. I now take Xolair injections every 2 wks in my doctors office. When I saw the first of 3 pulmonists 5 years ago; they KNEW my IGe levels were high, but did not recommend Xolair , maybe because it is an expensive drug and that I didn't have health insurance, I don't know. I hear the insurance companies don't like to pay for this drug because it is expensive, BUT it works. I was lucky and did my research and was able, to the surprise of my pulmonist, get it for FREE. There are SO MANY programs out there that will cover you if your doctor will fill out a medical necessity form. I feel so good now, almost symptom free and trying to go back to work. I get an injection in my arm every 2 wks. I am a little angry that doctors can get away with shuffling and referring patients to other specialists WITH-IN THEIR GROUP. It's a racket. I have heard of the ABPA test to, maybe that is for you, BUT you need to demand your doctors to TEST YOU and get an immediate diagnosis so you don't have to suffer anymore. I know how bad you must feel, cause that was me 2 months ago. Take Care, Good Luck, and Wellness to You.

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