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Hi Everyone,
My name is "antdust" I'm a new member on this asthma/allergy support forum. And here is my story:
-I've been diagnosed with allergies/asthma for about a year or so (since summer of 2010, right after I stopped breastfeeding my baby figure..). I've had symptoms of allergies since January of 2010 (and I haven't had any allergies before then).
-Specifically, I'm allergic to dust (dust mites, actually) and a specific medication (I'd rather not say what it is here as it's a rare medication and reaction). Lol..Who knows what else I'm allergic to next...
-I was diagnosed with the dust allergy via a skin test. And the medication allergy was found out when I had a severe skin rash reaction and ended up in the hospital because of it.
-I've had many hospitalizations (5-10) since then....symptoms including: chest pain, shortness of breath, severe rashes, severe itching, sinus pressure/pain, arthiritis-like pain, eye infections, etc.
-Since then, I've tried the following allergy/asthma medications: advair, ventolin, q-var (discontinued use), hydroxyzine (occasional use), singulair (discontunued use), predmisdone (discontinued use), epi-pen (for emergencies only), pataday, flonase,....Sigh...nothing has worked fully yet..The allergies keep on coming back!
-I've also had allergy shots for over 6 months (about 25 shots or so total). I haven't had a shot in a few weeks now, due to an allergic reaction I had recently.
-My allergies get worse in the summer and/or humid weather. We don't have an air conditioner, as we can't afford to upkeep such.
-As for housekeeping...We vaccum with a HEPA filter, wash our clothes/bedding/drapes in hot water, and we clean up as much as we can...
Anyways, that's just a quick summary of my story. I'll go further in detail later. Thanks for listening. I look forward to all of your replies, reading all of your stories, and to participating more in this online community.
Feel free too, to post if you have any suggestions, ideas, stories, comments, advice, questions, etc. for me too. Thanks in advance for your help.

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I am new here as well.....i look forward to responses on your questions as feel they are closely related to my issues as well!. I'm thinking about checking out the American Lung Association as well, but wanted to try this specifically for asthma first. I have no idea if I have allergies or not that are inducing this, but our over 50 days of over 100 degree, humid weather is not helping. It can't be. Again, look forward to being one of those smiling faces whose asthma is "under control"! All the best to you!

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How long did you try the singulair? Right about the time I started taking it I read a post on this site about it taking 4 - 6 weeks to start noticing a difference. I had the same experience in that regards.

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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your replies..:) Here is an update
As for my allergies....It turns out that I am allergic to other things, besides dust mites..
Mostly pollen and other stuff like that...
Lol..It doesn't help either, that I'm in a rural area...So yeah, lots of allergy triggers there
Recently I switched allergists...They did a skin test....Again, lots of stuff I'm allergic to
So for the most part, I stay indoors..
I also stopped with the advair and other meds, due to another medical condition..
But I do have an epipen and inhaler, so hopefully that will help
Loll..I can't wait for winter!


P.S. As for the singulair....I haven't ben back on it since....Oh well....

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