my 6 year old pft

fev(L) actual pred %pred
0.87 1.26 69

fev1(L) 0.86 1.11 77

fev1/fvc(%) 99 88 112

fef25%(L/sec 2.02 1.81 112

fef75%(L/sec) 0.74 0.87 85

fef25%-75%(l/sec) 112 114 98

fefmax(L/sec) 241 2.70 89

FIVC (L) 69

FIF MAX (L)sec 106

can you tell me if these are normal

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Seems like it to me. FEV1 is large airways, on several trials, and usually post bronchial dilator (albuterol). It shows 86%, 110% and 77% - different results because of effort, but three data points seems to say she has good function. They are % of expected (so, to load the tables, her age, weight, and height MUST be correct in a pediatric-calibrated system). The fev 25-75 is important as it represents the performance of the smaller airways, where o2 exchange takes place. So, 112, 114, 98% - that is where you would see drops in systemic 02 levels and where asthma really takes its toll. Ask specifically about the fluctuation in large airway, to confirm, but numbers are supposed to point to normal, obstructive or restrictive diseases. From a non-doctor, these seem okay. (Daughters is as low as 78% large and 58% small - many data points. Told around 50%, full time 02 support is required. She has serious asthma.)

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