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Hey everyone,
I was wondering if anyone knows of any assistance programs out there that would assist with medical bills. I have 3 kids with chronic asthma as well as myself. I am drowning in medical bills and need help!!
Any help would be appreciated.

worried mom

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My son gets SSI for it and medical comes through the State. There is also a spend down program through Health and family services for those who work and struggle. I got it once when we had over 3000.00 in bills. It backed up three months and paid the bills. We paid 10.00 each time we went to the hospital or dr office, and 7.00 for each medicine. That was in the early 1990's, but I am sure you might find it still exists. Call your local Medicaid office to inquire. Tell them your situation, I pray you get the help you need. I only have one child with severe Asthma and it is difficult.

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Healthwell Foundation is really good...they help mostly with asthma med copays, but they can also help with premium assistance. I used them to help me pay for my cobra. There is also Chronic Disease Fund, I think, but I don't know as much about them.


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