I been taken Advare for about 4 years now. Thank god for this med. I am concerned than if i do not take it i really have dad breathing problems. rescue inhailer does little. When i do take advare i hardly ever need a rescue inhaler. life has got much better. i am not as afraid to go out and i do not have to worrie if something will trigger an asthma attack.
So my concern is do i have to live on advare? Should i have a respitory specialest evaluate me?

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Advair is a good maintenance medication for many respiratory conditions. It is odd, however, that you do not think albuterol is effective - it should help both asthma and COPD patients. Because of this, a consult may be helpful in determining the nature of your condition. This would improve care, possibly, and provide a more effective emergency plan. Good luck!

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I have been using advair for about 2 years now and I agree with you that it is a good med. I asked my aunt (who has been a pharmacist for a long time) for her opinion about long term use of advair. She said she has been on it herself for many years and had no concerns As for the rescue inhaler -how old is it? If you can't find the expiration date - bring it by a pharmacy and they can help with that. When I need the albuterol - I notice this difference - usually within a few minutes.

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