2yr old on Pulmicort

My son was just started on Pulmicort BID today. He started his wheezing issues in January and hasn't had much problem until last night. His ped recommended twice daily xopenex, which we were using as needed, along with Pulmicort. I don't know anything about Pulmicort. I hear it can stunt growth?? Anyone with experience with this? They also want us to use it for an entire month. Is this long or is that usual??
We are also on Prednisolone for 4 days to get the wheezing under control.

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My 8 yo started maintenance therapy (pulmacort) at 18 months. Oral steroids are much more harmful than inhaled ones, so hopefully keeping his airways open will end the need for orapred. We are not on it anymore, as my daughters condition continued to deteriorate and is quite severe. Good luck. Remember to wash face, if using a mask, and rinse mouth after.

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It's not unusual to prescribe Pulmicort for one whole month as it's the maintenance medication. I had also heard that some asthma medications can affect growth, but my son has used it since he was 2 (he is 3.5 yrs now) and he is still in the 90% of growth charts. Also, Xopenex has less side effects than Albuterol, which can make kids super-hyper. Our sun is climbing up the walls when we use Albuterol, but almost normal with Xopenex. Prednisone is an oral steroid (tastes really bitter so don't be surprised if your little boy resists taking it. Sometimes it takes both me and my husband to give him that, but we have only used it when the cough has been really, really bad, like when he had the Croup 3 months ago.
I hope your son feels better soon.

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