10 year old with asthma

My son is 10 years old has asthma.. We seem to have his asthma under control w/meds.. But! When he gets a cold is very scary...please help...

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Are you certain that it is a cold and not allergic rhinitis or sinusitis? Many of the symptoms mimic the other. These are very common co-conditions to asthma, something I have lived with all my life. While this may not be the case in your situation, if it is, the next step would be to determine the triggering agents and eliminate them, if at all possible.

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What meds is your son taking? Does he have a nebulizer? When he has the onset of cold symptoms, the use of nebulizer treatments of a bronchodilator can help to keep his airways open during his cold. Has he been allergy tested? does he have chronic sinus problems? do you have animals in the home? any mold issues or smokers in the house? Is his room free of carpet and low on dust. Do you wash his sheets weekly in hot water to kill the dust mites, all these things are very important to consider, Ask him if he can tell you what seems to affect his breathing.
I would recommend allergy testing for your son. Also, please do not use pesticide sprays on your lawn, these go airborne and affect us all. Educate your neighbors on this. Please check out Beyond Pesticides for some very valuable information.
I hope your son improves and this has been helpful to you. Asthma is not an easy disease to live with.

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My son is like that as well. Sometimes his nebulozer will take care of it, other times he winds up in the hospital for I've steroids. But my son is only four and cannot take cold medications. Can your son take a mucous reliever. If so that along with his nebulizer may help. Is he on an antihistamine, like hydroxizine, or cyproheptadine? That might help to, he may need one that is higher than a level one.

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Asthma exacerbation due to viral infection is a common problem. Get a good plan w red, yellow, green instructions and keep to it. While you may have to checked out, this should keep you out of the er.

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