hpv and cancer cure

I read yesterday that their is a cure for hpv and cancer virus, but the fda or the pharmasucials company won't fund it.

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where did you read this? want to post a link please and thank yous!

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There are cures already...but the fda won't bring them out...they want us to suffer

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Yes and no. I just keeps the economy going. I'm fairly certain that there are cures to all diseases out there, they just make bank off of all the people that go in for treatements.

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Center for Disease Control:
"Studies have shown that 70% of new HPV infections clear within one year, as many as 91% clear within two years. The median duration of new infections is typically eight months. HPV-16 is more likely to persist than other HPV types; however most HPV-16 infections become undetecable within two years. The gradual development of an effective immune response is thought to be the likely mechanism for HPV DNA clearance."
Source: CDC 2004 Report to Congress on Prevention of HPV

Planned Parenthood:
"The average duration of HPV infection was eight months. Repeated HPV DNA testing showed that seventy percent of the women cleared their HPV infections within one year through the natural immune process, and only nine percent continued to be infected after two years. Another study conducted in Sweden supported these findings, with a five-year clearance rate of 92 percent"
Source: HPV: The Most Common Sexually Transmitted Virus - www.plannedparenthood.org

What Does HPV "Clearance" Mean?

Association of Reproductive Health Professionals (ARHP):
"Most people (up to 90%) who test positive for HPV with very sensitive tests for HPV (polymerase chain reaction [PCR] and Hybrid Capture® II) will become HPV negative on the same tests within 6-24 months from first testing positive. This is due to an effective immune response to HPV."
Source: Human Papillomavirus and Cervical Cancer Quick Reference For Clinicians - www.arhp.org

I thought HPV infection was for life...

ADVANCE Nurse Practitioners guide:
"Experts no longer think that HPV is a chronic lifetime virus. HPV infections of the anogenital tract are usually transient and cleared to undetectable levels in short duration. Low-risk HPV infections spontaneously clear more readily than high-risk types."
Source: Human Papillomavirus and Cervical Cancer Screening - www.advancefornp.com

I thought there was "no cure"...

Indiana University
"Since HPV is a virus, there is no cure. However, new studies indicate that approximately 70-90% of people with HPV may clear the virus from the body within two years of infection."
Source: HPV Page at University of Indiana Health - www.indiana.edu

How does the body clear HPV?

American Social Health Association (ASHA):
"In almost all cases, the immune system will keep the HPV virus (including the cancer-related HPV types) under control or get rid of it completely."
Source: HPV Resource Center - www.ashastd.org

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Well I also have lupus so it might take longer....but I hope they find some cures

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