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hi everyone,
I am a new person to the support group and diagnosed last year in march with what is thought to be a meningioma. Its located in the left lateral ventricular region of the brain (wherever that is). My doctor has a wait and see attitude. Its growing and I am having almost all the symptoms. I AM SCARED. I have seen another doctor to get a second opinion. They are only treating with drugs for nerve pain. And those are added to my others 6 medicines that i am taking for my other medical problems. Can anyone tell me what happens or how bad it can get when they can't operate for fear of harming more than helping?
Oh, i am not very good with computers so i am not sure if i am even posting to the right place.

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I recommend Dr Q at John Hopkins, Baltimore Maryland. Maybe a third opinion is needed. My husband has him,and he is wonderful. You need to find someone who will make you feel more secure. Brain tumors is all he does, he is world renoun,and brillant. Kathy, Toms wife

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Hi! You are posting to the right place. It was a good idea to write to this website to try to get suggestions. I am 55 yrs. old, and had 2 meningiomas, in different places, but both places where surgery might have done more harm than good. One was in the left cerebellopontine angle, with pressure on the brain stem, wrapped around the trigeminal nerve. The other is in the right cavernous sinus but was affecting the optic nerve. Both times, I had radiation done instead of surgery, the first one was Gamma Knife radiosurgery, the second was 6 wks. of fractionated radiation (the optic nerve is too sensitive for Gamma Knife). So far, the results have been good, with some shrinkage of 1 tumor, and at least stability of the other tumor(but the vision in that eye has greatly improved after the radiation). Now, a lot depends on the tumor size and location as to whether these are options for you or not. But if the tumor is growing, and causing symptoms, I'm surprised that they want to just "wait and see"-I know doctors do that a lot with meningiomas, but from what I've researched, when the tumor grows and causes symptoms, they tend to treat it, whether with surgery,, radiation, or both, but not to leave it alone. I went to Tufts Medical Center in Boston, because they were the only ones with Gamma Knife in Massachusetts, but also stayed with them for the second tumor, because it seemed as though they had an open mind with respect to treatments, they didn't really favor surgery over radiation. I would look for a center that has radiosurgery (Gamma Knife, Cyberknife, etc.) as well as regular radiation oncology, because the neurosurgeons will consult with those specialists to see how many options that you have to treat your tumor. A lot of times, surgery can be done to do some debulking of the tumor, then radiation finishes the job. But I think, when all of these facilities are available, the doctors have more of an open mind towards your treatment. Good luck--keep us updated!

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Welcome, I'm new also and to make a long story short, I talked to my doc sat on the phone and he made me, sory to say, well, very angry and more confused then ever. he's taking it now so lightly
and im the one that brought to his attention last week after my eye apt a week before they were concerned when i mentioned having occipital nueritis I knew that so then she look at a radiology
report then set me up with another doctor for further vision field testing that is how i found out then came home looked it up then I was realy freaked out. it took 6 days before i got in to see him and now he's like no big deal it's only golf ball size. so why the blured vision, ear aches, head aches, my neck and spine hurts BAD its hard to work, drive and sit, my lower back and hips and even my bones hurt, I'm always nausous but, hey, NO BIG DEAL thats how my primary care phs made me feel on Sat. So I do know how you feel and it's not ok for anyone to take it in a wait and see status Feeling for you

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I am sorry for all of your worries and pains. Find a neurological CENTER, not just one doctor at a time. At a center such as Mayo Clinic, you will find dozens of neurologists with a team approach. There are wonderful centers around the nation. Do an Internet search for neurologists with your state name, the nearest center will probably pop right up on the page somewhere.

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