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I am a year and a half into my diagnosis of anaplastic oligodendroglioma grade 3. Right after the diagnosis of course we were all so scared and had no idea what we were in for. I had so few symptoms (an incident where I suddenly didn't know where I was and two days of intermittent stuttering). I thought these might be a side effect from a medication I was on, so set up appt. with my Primary dr. They sent me for an immediate MRI that showed the tumor. This was two days before Christmas and certainly put a damper on the holidays.

Since then I have had surgery, radiation and chemo. All my MRIs have been completely clear so far. I have had problems with wound healing on my head because of the radiation and have had infections (MRSA) and surgeries including a free flap skin graft to close the head wound. These peripheral things have been harder on me than the chemo/radiation treatments.

Just wondering how others have fared with their treatments and other health problems associated with it. I am currently about to resume my year long chemo regime after the skin graft surgery. I'm otherwise feeling great and optimistic. Wishing the best for anyone who reads this...

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I haven't had any of your symptoms or treatments but wanted to welcome you and tell you that the folks here are very supportive. I wish you the very best outcomes for everything you have to endure.

Mine is a meningioma, probably benign, either stopped growing or growing so slowly it calcifies along the way. I can have it removed anytime, and learning that was a wonderful relief.

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Cathy, I would like to email you with my very similar or same situation. If you would like to give me you email address, I shall write to you that way.

Hope you are doing well emotionally and physically.


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Cathy Catch
I also have a small portion anaplastic oligodendroglioma grade 3 with both the 1p and 19q chromosome deletion but it maybe tranistioning to a higher grade. My surgery was 5/1 and 95% of the tumor was removed and that tumor was a grade 2. The remaining 5% appears to be along the optic nerve so I am having some vision issues around my periferal vision especially upper quadrants.
I actually have my Rad Onc simulation apponintment next week, but my rad onc Md seems to understand the side efffects and what she can do to avoid them much more then the oncologist I have. My insison is heaing slowly, so I hope it does not pose a problem with my treatment. I will check back to this discussion about any side effects others incounter or post

May you have more great MRI outcomes.

My rad onc maybe able to see if I am a candiate for an Oli tiral around long term outcomes so that others do not have that unkown that we have all been through emotionally. I keep telling my husband that our 6 year old will have a mom around. My husband lost his mom to a brain tumor when he was a teen ager. My son just wants me well so I referre his soccer games this year. Will have to see how I feel. I keep telling my doctors that I have plans in life and that this is a road block.

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Adele, my email address is Please feel free to e-mail me and I can e-mail back. Thank you for your reply and I pray that you are doing well...


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