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I just joined the group and would like to find out if anyone else has experienced the problems I have had and what to do about them. I was diagnosed with a small acoustic neuroma back in June of 2011. I had some hearing loss and tinnitus in my left ear. The decision was made to wait and watch. About two months ago I started having balance problems and nausea. I feel like I'm sea sick all the time. My doctor who has treated over 300 patients have not had any patients with the problems of extended dizziness etc. He therefore stated that surgery may not cure the problem that I have had. Any one else have these problems?

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I have a very rare, large trigeminal schwannoma on the left side. It orginates from the sheath covering of the 5th nerve similar to the acoustic neuroma does from the 8th cranial nerve. I had GK July '08. I continued to have severe headaches. Today, I have balance issues due to the tumor presing against the Eustachian tube on the left side. I can't lean over to far, pick things up, have to hold railings on stairs, cannot carry stuff up or down, etc... Sometimes I joke that I am already like a much older person! I have been able to accommodate a lot of these symptoms with help and tools. Hope this helps.

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yes i have acoustic sence 2000 i did ganknife surg
in 2005 that left me with virgo im dizzy off bal and more
i just had back and leg problem doc gave me a shot
im doing better i cant hear in my left ear only 30percent in right i have good day and bad please writ back people cant understand most of the time

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