Brain Tumor News January 26, 2012

Abnormal Chromosome Indicated Outcome for Rare Brain Tumor* -brain-tumor

Therapy Can Add Years to Certain Brain Tumor Patient’s Lives* rapy-can-add-years-to-certain-brain-tumor-patients-lives/52746292/1

ImmunoCellular Therapuetics Proves Update on Phase II Clinical Trial of ICT-107 for the Treatment of Glioblastoma* e-on-phase-ii-clinical-trial-of-ict-107-for-the-treatment-of-glioblastoma-2 012-01-23

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Almost 2 yrs ago only removed 1/2 of Tumor in surgery. Next did radiation and chemo. Pathology report states my 1p/19q was not deleted. Are there trial programs available when my Oligodendroglioma is no longer stable? Are there other / new treatment options for someone like myself?

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You can contact our TrialConnect program, which is a way for you to research clinical trials. We have information on trials that are being conducted throughout the US and Canada. or you can call them at 877-769-4833.

If you have any other questions just let me know. Thanks!

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