Resveratrol with Paclitaxel

Do you have any idea about Resveratrol use ib Paclitaxel combined chemo in lung cancer?
Best hopes.

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Don't know, but Grape Seed Extract is being used more and more in cancer research hospitals. City of Hope, Mayo and more.

I've been taking G.S.E. for 16 yrs, Pycnogenol for the first year in 1995, we were told it MAY prevent cancer..

Got rid of allergies/sinus issues, including headaches....

These antioxidants BUILD UP our Immune Systems, so to me it would be a logical supplement to take...the drugs destroy the immune systems.

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I believe that Resveratrol, which is the active portion of grape seed extract, is one of the good things we can take to help standard therapies fight cancer. If I had to limit myself to one antioxidant that works, that would be in my top three. See:

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What would be a reasonable amount of resveratrol to take in a day? how much grape seed extract? What is too much?
Are the two slightly different? Does anybody take both?

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I take both and even take Pycnogenol which I started out with for the 1st yr in 1995....we were told at the lecture on this supplement that IT MAY PREVENT CANCER. I jumped right on got rid of allergies/sinus issues FIRST.....still no cancer, 17 yrs later....

The Muscadine Grape has the highest amount of Resveratrol in it. I some times buy Muscadine Grape Seed from vitacost....

My favorite is ActiVin from Vitacost, 200 mg two times per day FOR ME.....some days more depending if something comes up that I need to attack, like edema.... ActiVin is straight grape seed extract.

I can't speak much on plain ole Resveratrol as it's the LATEST and I'm happy with grape seed extract.

This is a good site: Gives a really good explanation of what G.S.E. and what it does.....I don't use this particular product, but I'm sure it's good.

Caution: If one is on a blood thinner, then G.S.E. may not be for you....I"n The Know MD's" and pharmacists know about Grape Seed Ex.....

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