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Can someone tell me how you know if you have a bezoar? I am new to this site and glad I found it. I have IBS-C; Gastroparesis and feel sick all the time and really bad issues with moving bowels. My stomach has gotten huge, gained more weight and making BM has gotten worse. I take erythromicin and amitza and miralax.

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I had some worries about it when I was first dx, but my GI said it's not easy to develop one unless I put everything in my mouth. However, after learning about it more from folks here, I also realized that it also depends on the functioning level of your stomach or the severity of your GP. The formation of bezoar is from the undigested food stuck in the stomach and they start to accumulate and snowball, as far as I know.

The most important way to avoid trouble is to follow the GP diet restrictions and control (what you put in) your mouth... ^_^ Don't take me wrong. I do cheat! We all cheat! It's not a sin, but it's just troubles! LOL It takes a lot of trials and errors to find out what works for you. GP-ers are all different in one way or the others in terms of our tolerance to different things and what works for us.

Have you tried making a diet change? GP-ers have a 3-step (not 12)! Someone just posted a link in a related post. You can also search online by "gastroparesis diet".

Welcome aboard to this big family! Feel free to ask questions! ^_^

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Thank you so much for replying. I am seeing a dietician on Monday as I can't figure out anymore what to eat and what not to eat. I was recently diagnosed with lactose intolerance, so along with having GP and IBS/C I just don't know what to do. I am bloated all the time, gassy, nauseated, unable to move bowels without meds and even then they don't work very good. I was told to eat fiber, fiber, fiber for the IBS/C only to find out online that fiber isn't very good for GP; I was not told this by my doctor either. Now the lactose intolerance and I need help with my diet so I asked to see a dietican to help me with my specific issues all together and not just focussing on one. I am also extremely tired all the time. Are others with GP feeling that too?

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Hi mlr. You're right about the fiber. Really don't eat it, because it will take FOREVER for your stomach to try and digest it, if it ever does. And it could be painful. And if youy don't digest things, you could also get bacterial overgrowth from the food just sitting there and basically fermenting (not fun!). I just got over a case of that myself. Needed 14 days of Xifaxan to get rid of it. I still feel a little bloaty and always full, though.

My doc told me to use Benefiber, which is the only kind of fiber that is completely water soluable. Your stomach thinks it's just a liquid (you have to dissolve it completely in a drink), so it empties from the stomach easily. Then in the intestines, it does it's job just great.

I hope your dietician is helpful!!

I also get very bloated at times, but at other times I can eat more things and I'm not so bloated. It goes up and down.

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Thanks, I know I am so sick of feeling sick all the time. I have to learn to eat differently now as they kept telling me to eat the fiber for the IBS/C and I couldn't figure out why I was feeling so sick all the time. I was never told about the fiber with gastroparesis. What about gastroparesis making your sugar levels fluctuate, is that true?

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Welcome to the site! Bezoars form when fiber and other food products remain undigested in the stomach. It's almost like how a cat gets a hairball. We get it from fiber!

Bezoars can be found via xray and endoscopy. For me, last spring, I started throwing them up. They came up as projectiles. It scared the dickens out of me because it made me feel like I was choking too. They looked like terds coming up...gross I know. (Another thing you'll find about this site...there simply is no TMI. LOL) They can be dangerous as they can become lodged in your pylorus or small intestine causing blockages. That's why it is so important that we don't eat fiber. After I started throwing them up, my doctors went in through endoscopy and blasted them via laser.

Feel free to ask any questions!

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Yes, gastroparesis can play havoc with your blood sugar level because your stomach is so unpredictable. Sometimes it will empty right away, and sometime it will take hours to empty. This plays with your blood sugar. I experience this all the time. Sometimes I feel suddenly very hungry, and have to eat right away or I get light headed. I always try to carry something with me like ensure or pretzels.

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Magnesium in a capsule form only can help move the bowels. I buy the 500 mg capsules at GNC, and take 3 (1500mg) at night with lots of water. Start out with one capsule and see how you do. It is safe to take up to 3 capsules, plus it is a mineral that your body needs.
Good luck. :)

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Hi, I'm Cathy and I had a Beazor in 2002. It was a warm day and I was drinking a glass of ice water. It was weird as I felt the cold stop in between my breasts. I thought it was stupid but also my gut told me to check it out. After drinking more, standing, jumping up and down, holding my arms over my head as I was drinking, but the cold just got worse and rather quickly it felt I had swallowed a plum.

I drove myself to ER and walked in feeling stupid. In a joking manner I told the triage nurse that I had ice water stuck in my esophogeus (sp?). The next thing I knew was I was in a wheelchair being pushed very fast to OR. I had no clue what was happening and no one explained anything to me. In just minutes I was on the table with IV's and they said they were going to do an endoscopy to see if they see anything. I have a mask over my mouth and nose. Then they brought out a white long pvc pipe with a tip at the bottom. I couldn't let them know that I needed more anestesia as I was feeling the doctor literally router rooter my Bezoar. In my case the doctor told me it had calcified and was the size of a large grapefruit, he also said because it was so hard and calcified, I probably had it for 20yrs.+-. It took them almost three hours to break the damn thing apart.

Bezoars are rare and if you've had an endoscopy lately, it would show if one was there or possibly one starting. My "wonderful" surgeon increase my level of Prilosec and then they asked me if I had a ride. It was late, I told them yes as I had driven myself there. They didn't check to see if I had a driver. I was whacked with anestesia so I got in my car and at 11:30pm drove myself home. That should have been the biggest red flag that I had stomach issues.

I'm not in the medical profession so these ideas are just from me. If you ever feel like something is stuck and drinking all the water around doesn't push it through, go immediately to ER. Ask your doctor about foods and if there are any you shouldn't eat.

I wish you well and hope you never get one. If you ever do (it is rather rare), make the doctor do a stomach emptying study.

I have lousy medical care, but we can't afford any other. In my gut, I know if the doctor had ordered a stomach emptying study I would not have gotten so ill and had to have a tube put in. I'm now living in hell because I was uneducated on the issue and I don't have a medical team, I have individual doctors who won't pick up the phone to coordinate care. I'm with a big HMO and just a number.

I hope this makes sense as it's time for bed and brain cells have already gone to sleep.

Take care,

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Dear CatzMeow, that sounded aweful what you went through. I have read about them and would not wish that on anyone.
I went to my primary doctor today who brought up several things about possible scar tissue, gastric pacemaker, blocked bile duct. He doesn't want to do any other tests until my Mayo clinic appt.
I wish you well, and thanks so much for sharing. I will post next week after my appt, to share what they say.
Take care. :)

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I had a bezoar March 2012 found during an endo and was the size of Doc's fist. I also had a 10mm ulcer and all the "itis" inflammations. I saw GI Doc because I had nausea, bloated, felt like I ate a block of concrete yet I ate 5 hours ago. The scope showed gastroparesis, and they broke up the bezoar with a snare. He said they can get quite large in a weeks time.

I had repeat endo this week [8 weeks later], and no bezoar, ulcer healed but he said I was still with diagnosis "gastroparesis" even tho no old food was laying around like it was in march. I said, I have been eating GP friendly foods, removing apple skins and he said, Why? He said the key for not forming bezoars is chewing x3 more than you want to, and he said I can eat apples with skin again etc. Im still a little paranoid but I am doing it.

I am on bethanecol 25mg x 3 a day, and he wants to wean me, and I am on prevacid 60mgs. I have had no no nausea since the bezoar was removed. I have my recheck office visit May 14th, they always take biopsies. He did find 1 gastric AVM [artero venous malformation] that was hidden under old food during March endo. It was cauterized.

I read this forum daily, so I asked him [his specialty is motility], and asked about the egg test, and he dismissed it as unreliable. He has not ordered the "egg" test on any patient in 5 years. Just wanted to pass on his words.

I wish I did not have the ulcer at the same time as the bezoar because then I could be more helpful. I am not sure what caused the upper right quadrant pain [bezoars can cause ulcers too], nausea, major bloat and flatuelence, stayed full at times for a long time. My gallbladder is out but I could see where they may have thought I was having gallbladder attack.

They just broke mine up and did not pull it out, was the size of Docs fist. The nausea is what sent me to GI Doc who ordered an endo and ultrasound with lab work. I also had a GI bleed in January but I coded in Docs office and that was not a priority. That is why the GI work up did not commence until March. Never bled again but on that 1 day in January when they gave me epinephrine, CPR and it made me vomit when I revived. But, never vomited blood after that or for that matter ever again. Just had a nagging nausea where OTC prilosec 20mg was not working and I made the appt for GI consult in March.

I did not have the nausea every day but often enough to know something was not right if prilosec did not cure it in 14 days.

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Thanks for everyone sharing their bezoar stories. CatzMeow (I love cats btw...) that sound terrible what you went through, but i totally can relate. Many times I have been in the ER, vomitting blood or with a horrible migraine and it seems like they didn't care about how I was feeling, just went about their business like they couldn't care less! I have recently been thinking about the possibility of bezoars since my GP has gotten so bad lately. Last night I was sick from my GP, and I vomitted something I had eaten over 12 hours ago, which frightened me. Luckily, I don't think I have a bezoar, but I'll keep in mind what everyone said about those warning signs.

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