High triglycerides with GP

Does anyone else have high triglycerides level from being on a low fiber diet because of the GP? Before the GP I never had trouble with high levels and in order to lower them I need to go on a high fiber diet which I am unable to do.

How can I lower them so I don't get heart disease or have a stroke? I am really worried and don't know what to do.

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High triglycerides are a complicated subject, and can be the result of many different factors.

Diet, obviously, including such things as smoking, alcohol, high fat foods, high saturated fats...and can also be related to something called metabolic syndrome, which apparently is a combination of factors including blood pressure, weight, weight one tends to "bundle" around the waist, etc, etc.

Drugs can play a role, for example beta blocks may contributue...and this is only one drug.

I weigh 99 pounds, don't smoke, drink or do any of the apparent things that would cause high triglyceridces...but they suddenly started crawling up...and I ingest tons of fiber...I started eliminating and paying close attention to saturated fat intake (as opposed to simply cholesterol...)...I do take beta blockers.

When I cut out all cheese, meat and snacks (gluten free) that had what I call "stealth" high saturated fat (where you wouldn't expect them....READ those labels for example Wilyde (?) gluten free pretzels)
the triglycerides started heading down again...

It's of course, highly individual...but it may help to look at a broad spectrum of causes and ways to bring the levels down...may not just be one.

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Hi, yeah my went out of control,but i started taking red rice yeast & fish oil and they came down alot,also i cut alot of things out of my diet,like cheese,2% milk went fat free! hope this helped!!

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On my last labs my tryglerides where very high with i attributed to liveing off jello, sprite ect. My cholesterol and ldh were elevated as well which I cant figure as food has not been my companion. Taking it up with my next appt.

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Mine have always been high, regardless of diet. But a lot of mine has to do with genetics. Both brothers, mother, father, uncle, and grandparents on both sides have cholesterol issues of one kind or another. I have Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). There are 3, possibly 4, people in my family with it, with can really raise levels. When I remember to take it, I have fish oil that I'm supposed to be taking.


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I just spoke with my TPN pharmacist/provider and he indicated my blood glucose level was up this week. When my labs were drawn yesterday, I only had black coffee, water, and gatorade. Go figure! Week before was 57, obviously low. I don't eat much of anything because of vomiting. So for me the bottom line is-I change from day to day-no rhyme or reason. Guess I'm not much help, just another example of a crazy body not cooperating! Prayers! Diane

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Thanks everyone so kindly for the feedback. Being on the GP diet I eat the low fiber/low fat foods and in order to watch my triglycerides from getting in the danger zone I am suppose to eat low carbs and high fiber food.

I don't understand ... am I to take the fish oil and it will bring it down and stay on my low fiber diet? Or will I just have to deal with the high triglycerides?

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I just got back from the nutritionist and we talked about high triglycerides. We talked about reducing red meats, butter, whole milk, cheese and other high fat dairy products. Also, limiting food containing sugar such as regular sida, candy and desserts even limiting fat free cookies and desserts. She also suggested walking most days of the week.

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When a doctor recommends a GP diet, it usually consists of foods that are mostly simple carbohydrates, known as starches, like bread, rice, potatoes, grits, or anything that is processed. Also dairy too, maybe try soy, almond, or rice milk if you want to give them a shot. You can find them at Wal-Mart. These foods breakdown into sugars and add together sugary drinks, sweets, or anything that is sweetened adds to it. (ESPECIALLY energy drinks!!) It's sugars and fats combined that make triglycerides soar. Fish oils, flax oils, extra-virgin olive oils, are all high in Omega-3 fatty acids, and these can help somewhat. Try as much No Sugar added type foods, low fat foods, and perhaps blend natural sugars such as fruits, and mashing your vegetables that you can eat. For added calories, there is Glucerna, which is like Ensure, but without the sugar for diabetics. I could make a list of healthy foods that are highest in fiber, and those in lower, but I would be here all night. Google vegetables and fruits that are low in fiber that you can possibly tolerate. Web MD, Mayo Clinic education for patients, and Medicine Net can also give you a little more insight to triglycerides.

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miaram~are you GP? Just wondered since you mentioned tons of fiber and I am limited to 10gms per day. I dream of the days when I was on a diabetic diet. I see my dr Monday and perhaps she can give me some answers. Thanks

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Hah~When I get to food I know to make these food changes and will welcome them but as for now I am on the sugrar diet, my tryglyderiedes will be high...which does not concern me as the cholesterol and ldh. Im cool about it now but until the next results come in. Thanks

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In response to the question do I have GP, the answer, unfortunately, is yes...and pretty badly-- but, as I know from reading this blog from time to time, there are so many who are unable to eat any "whole" food at all.

My food intake is a constant work-in-progress..with some serious backsliding recently.

I have these additional limitations: no sugar, no wheat , rye, oats, barley, no processed foods, no cow's milk products, no aged, or marinated anything, no food of any kind more than two days old (related to intake of tyramines and tannens), no preservatives, dyes or coloring, no yeast, no fermented anything, no coffee, caffeine, alcohol, no meat (recent), etc. etc.

I bake my own bread, make my own soup stock, and occasionally bake and allow myself a cookie made with alternative flours and honey.

Re my fiber intake, mornings, part of my intake allows me to digest a totally pureed very smallish amount of some fruits...apples, pears, a few blueberries (only a few), watermelon, other melons, cucumbers, carrot, non-riped peeled small amounts of peaches and nectarines....I sip a cup of this chilled "smoothie" over a period of time. I use a Vita Prep machine...could not survive without it, a pressurer cooker and a small chopper.

I also can manage a half teaspoon of home-ground, fresh flax seed sprinkled over goat yogurt, which has been drained of most of its liquid.

I do eat cooked organic swiss chard with the tough stalky part removed as well as other greens, carefully prepared and cooked, sometimes/oftenpurred to baby food consistency (I cheat with a tiny crumble of fresh goat cheese for flavor)...

Same with sweet potato.

I can manage small amounts...small, and very slow on the intake... of pastas, alternative, some of which have fibre...buckwheat, teff , mung bean, sorghum, etc.

The reality is that I can eat less and less, more slowly than ever..but somehow am still going...
I am losing weight..now at about 98 pounds...and fight nausea constantly.

I hurt alot, but then so does everyone else...some unbearably.

I do find that after I swim and exercise that I am better able to tolerate soft/pureed food...guess because the circulatory system is somehow forcing blood thru the veins and arteries that feed the stomach.

Sometimes I get very discouraged...I spend a huge amount of time on food prep ...

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