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By kelley12
February 27, 2011 at 3:29 pm · 7 replies
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RecommendationsRecommendPrintReport postcan someone let me know what happens after the egg test, and you are told that you do not digest food fast enough? the lab tech. said I was real slow that was over 9 days ago and i've heard nothing from the doc yet.

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Newest firstBy JoyceGP
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February 27, 2011 at 3:49 pm
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Doctors are sometimes slow to respond or due not explain things as we can understand. If you are concerned be respectful but forceful in making him communicate with you. If you are concerned about you and your health get your answers...make an appointment to discuss the results if you have to...Make sure they keep you informed...Don't be passive , it is your health and you deserve answers and to understand those same answers...Best of luck to you and God Bless

ReplyBy WendyRB
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February 27, 2011 at 4:58 pm
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If it's been nine days and you haven't heard, then tomorrow call his office and ask for the results. If that doesn't work, have your primary care physician call. I once waiting five weeks for the results of CT scan/endocscopy/colonoscopy that had been done three days before Christmas. Would have been nice to have the results so I could enjoy the holidays, but the doctor was too busy to call me. It wasn't until I turned it over to my PCP and had him call (and even he called for three weeks before getting an answer) that I finally got the results. Sometimes you just have to be pushy.
On the other hand, some times no news is good news- if it is really horrible news they generally tell you right away. Although- if the tech told you the test was really slow (which they are not supposed to do, by the way), sounds like you might have gastro-paresis.

ReplyBy MarianneW
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February 27, 2011 at 5:33 pm
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When I had my GES done last year (the gastric emptying scan you just had) I made an appointment for followup the same day I had seen the GI doc and he'd ordered the test. So basically his receptionist scheduled the test and also me for another office visit. So, yes, call tomorrow for the results and to make a followup appointment. You shouldn't be just left hangin in the midst of these types of diagnostic tests!

How long was your scan? Mine was an hour and after that time I had passed none of the egg--so said the tech (and, later, the test results) so I was given a dose of reglan. It moved the egg through but gave me a wicked anxiety attack. Needless to say though reglan is one of the suggested treatments for dysmotility but I said no thankyou.

ReplyBy Alice8200
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February 27, 2011 at 6:37 pm
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I had the four hour GES, done at a hospital 4 hrs away, so running back down there wasn't really an option. I knew it would have been read in a max of three days so I kept calling until they would tell me it was done. Of course they would fax me the results, just mail it. So I had them fax the results to my primary care and then drove out to her office and picked it up. Lol, don't understand why they couldn't fax it to me, but that is all they would do. That was Dec. 18, I still have not talked ro a GI doc about it because they couldn't fit me in until May. I was 84% at 4 hrs, so my PC doc and I decided I prob did have GP. Do y'all think that takes a specialist degree? I'm trying to get into another specialist but they are 7 hours away, but hopefully I can get in there before May. My PC dr tried me on the treatments she feels comfortable with. Since there aren't very many that hasn't been much. But she has been trying to help me with pain also.
You should definitely call them and ask for an answer because we all know worrying about things makes us feel worse. I think you have been more than patient waiting on results!

ReplyBy WendyRB
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February 27, 2011 at 11:42 pm
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I guess I have been really lucky with Stanford. It is also four hours away from me, but my doctor is willing to let me do a lot of my tests in Santa Rosa, which is only two hours away and the nearest big town to me. It's been a little complicated getting results to her and in the right place. I always ask for reports to be sent to my local GI doctor and my PCP. I had my first visit with my doctor at Stanford and took all my previous CT scan, MRI, ultrasound, etc. reports. Then she was able to look at those and schedule more tests. I had the HIDA scan with small bowel transit done at Stanford (because nowhere else on the planet does it, it seems). I suspected it was slow because they told me it would take two hours and ended up taking five. My doctor called me at home with the diagnosis about three days later, and prescribed reglan for me. I took it for five days and hated it, so I called her and she prescribed domperidone instead (which I love and have had no side effects). I had the sitzmarker study done in Santa Rosa and results sent to both her and my regular GI doc- he is the one who sent me the results with the "very slow transit" written on it.
So I think the secret is to have a really good local doctor who is willing to work with the far-away expert, and vice versa, and make sure the lines of communication stay open between the two.
As far as my PCP I've had to educate her a bit about the whole motility thing, but she is very open to new information. Really, I think only doctors with over-inflated egos think they know everything already.

ReplyBy ragjwg
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Yesterday at 4:17 pm
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Please call the doctor's office who ran the test. If it is GP then they will tell you to follow the GP diet which is a low fat/no fat/no fiber diet, eaten multiple times during the day. You may want to check out www.g-pact.org as there is a wealth of information. www.gicare.com has a step diet for gastroparesis. The doctor may also try you on pro-motility drugs like reglan, domperidone or erythromycin. Others have found that some antidepressants have positive effects on their GP. This takes a team effort of docs who work together including your PCP, the motility MD, a nutrition MD or a nutritionist/dietician who specializes in motility disorders, a pain management specialist and a psychiatrist to begin. Hope you get your answers soon.

ReplyBy kelley12
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Yesterday at 7:11 pm
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Thanks to all. Before I could call the doc today they called me. My GES scan at 4 hours was 58%. They asked me to orderdomperidone from Canada. Which I have done. I have diarrea after eating and am afraid this will get worse. With 80% of my pancreas gone i fear i'm not getting enough nutrients and stuff from my food. It seems like every time I feel better I get something else to make me feel worse again. My deppression deepens every day. I arguewith my daughter and husband constantly. The only time he seems nice any more is when i'm in the hospital. I know he is under a lot of stress with my sicknesses. How do I make him understand that the stress he put me under is also causing me to have attacks of pancreatitis and other problems. I have tried to talk to him but he takes it as if he is the cause of all my illnesses. I need love and comunaction from those around me. I feel like i'm in a glass box and i can talk to people but no one can get in or touch me in any way. I don't feel like I live in the real world. There are people a lot worse off than me, I feel guilty for feeling the way I do. I should be happy that i'm not worse than I am. Sorry to be so negative.

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Don't feel guilty- you are still reeling from trying to accept living with a chronic illness. Are you on any type of anti-depressants? Any type of meds at all that will help your condition? The domperidone was a life saver for me, I hope it works well for you too.
Remember that we are here for you and that we understand how you are feeling. I doubt if there is anything that anyone could post here that someone else has not gone through and can relate to.
Hang in there- things will get better; once you get the meds/diet/ rest/etc. figured out thing can settle into a comfortable pattern. We have all gone through our changes trying to figuure out how to make this thing work and still have any kind of life.

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You need to stay on that GI doctor, keep calling over and over until they deal with you. You need meds.

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Kelley12, regardless as to whether you motility study is not as bad as somebody else on this post is not relevant! We don't get up in your home and walk in your shoes. I think one of the most dangerous things we can do here in these discussions is to compare our pain and fatigue levels...with the point being a value score. "do I hurt more than you!". that is just crazy and harmful! You are sick and it is effecting you to the max! We are here to support you and to encourage you, maybe give suggestions/educations, hope etc! I am so sorry you are feeling so poorly, please keep believing in yourself, these painful symptoms are REAL and stress just causes them to get worst. Here is a cyber hug for what it is worth...Aloha

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Aloha is absolutely right. We all live with what we have to. I kind of felt the same way when I joined this site- that my case wasn't bad enough because I've responded to the meds, I don't have a feeding tube, etc. But everyone's misery is his/her own and I never see anyone trying to one-up someone else on here. Everyone is completely empathetic and has great advice, whether you have been on TPN for years or have just been diagnosed with a light, borderline case, and anywhere in between. I have gotten so much useful information from here, not to mention support when I'm down or pissed off, and quite a few giggles in between. It's very reassuring to me that people can suffer so much and still have a great sense of humor (yeah, you Uberhiker), or be so sick themselves but still have so much empathy for everyone else's problems.

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Thanks for all the advice you all have given. I did get something so very special this morning. My first grandbaby was born at 5:11 am Wednesday morning. She weights 5lb 12 oz. and 18 inches long, her name is Zoey Blair Kelley. I was so glad not to be in the hospital when she came. Now the bad news, I have been feeling pretty crappy the last couple of days, so I never left the hospital. I ended up in the emergency room. Now i am writing this from a hospital bed. The baby is down stairs and they won't take me to see her cause of all the meds. that I'm on. I have a realy big thing to look forward to going home too. Hugs to everyone.

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Congratulations Kelley! And welcome to baby Zoey. May her road be challenging enough to keep her satisfied, yet sweet enough to keep her joyful. Hope you'll be able to see her soon, Grandma. :)

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