Christmas stress!

So the other day, my grandmother's TV died. It was 20+ yrs old. So my dad went with her to buy a new one yesterday, and they get one with all the latest features, (my grandmother was so cute as she is scared of the newer ones). All total with the protection plan, it came to 800.00. I never asked the final price, but I did call yesterday to see if she found one, and she was nervous, yet excited........but then.....

My dad calls and says he would like to leave the option open of my brother and I to go with my parents for the TV for her for Christmas. Well, I did not say no right then, but being this has to be a low budget Christmas, as well as an unexpected expense, I think Iw ill have to say no. Money has been very tight lately. Two things happened this yr that has made things tight for us. One is that his student loan payments started, and 2 is that our rent went up. So, while I def will buy presents this yr, it is going to be a lower end Christmas. Plus, my MIL. niece and SIL's b-day are all the first week of December.

So, when he said 800.00, my heart dropped. I was already not feeling well worrying over money, now this. ANd the funny thing, last night, my grandmother said all she wanted for Christmas was scratch off lottery tickets as she is "83 and has everything she wants and needs"! Is it that wrong to say no? All this stress is making me feel sick, and I do not want to get real bad sick over this. My head was pounding, and I got it to stop, but I feel like it can pound again at any minute!



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My thoughts are that if your dad wanted you to contribute then you should have been in on the choice of which tv to get.

I hope your parents would understand that finances are tight in your family.

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Yeah if he wants to spend that much you can just say I don't have alot this year so $50 or whatever you want to contribute is all you can do. Don't let it stress you. I am unemployed myself so I won't be getting people big things either. It's not the size and the amount of the gift that matters. If he is not ok with that then say you are going to get something on your own. $800 is way too much for a tv which your grandma would probably be happy with a 200/300 one.
Best to you!

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Just be honest with your dad and say you'd like to contribute, but can only afford $X dollars due to the reasons stated above. Maybe your dad doesn't care how much you chip in (I know I wouldn't if it were my daughters), and it may be that he thought he was being helpful by letting you contribute whatever amount you can, but still get to sign the card. I have done that in the past with my daughters- let them contribute even a small amount to a present from all of us, with my husband and myself picking up the majority of the cost. But we still consider it "from all of us".
If he didn't say "Do you want to split the cost into thirds"- then maybe that's what he had in mind the whole time.
I know my kids have limited incomes and I don't want them to spend more than they can afford. Last year I asked for a boxed set of Mozart concertos from my older daughter and her husband. They got me that PLUS got us a wide-screen TV (a smaller one, but still- more than we would have spent). I felt bad that they had spent so much on us.
So you might run it by your dad and see what he says. He might feel really bad to find out that you are feeling pressured by his offer.

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Give a minimum and suggest they buy a different one from one of the warehouse stores.... There has to be something cheaper out there .....
COme on ... Tell your Dad here is 20.00 and put your name on the card ......
DOnt Stress

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