Scientists Get Closer to Cancer Vaccine

Don't you just wish these trials could speed up??
Would love to see the day there was a vaccine !

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Agreed! I'm almost done reading the book, The Emperor of all Maladies (bio on cancer treatment), and I was surprised to learn --well actually maybe not -- that targeted therapies were developed in the 90s, screening methods like the CT scan in the 70s, and makes me think we've only been making progress in prevention and treatment for several decades. At the same time, a lot has happened in this short amount of time.

I do hope that one day aggressive cancer can be treated like a chronic condition like diabetes. Yes we can LIVE with cancer, but it would be so nice not to live scan to scan and have such a heavy burden to carry all the time.

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Thanks for posting this! I feel that if we can just keep going (like my name) a few more years, one of these vaccines will pan out and we'll have an easier time, with less side effects. I guess I'm an optimist but without hope, it would pretty depressing.

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