Iexempra and xeloda

I know this isn't really a new topic, but I am interested in finding anyone who can help me with the muscle spasms that are involved with iexempra. I have researched the combo and found that esssentially it's the iexempra that is causing the problem but I've found nothing re. what to do to help deal with them. I have iexempra every 3 weeks and am on xeloda 14 days and off for 7.

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I had terrible muscle spasms with halaven, I found heat ( plenty of heating pads around the house) was the only thing that helped.

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Hi Deb9

I have just finished 6 doses of Ixempera and the 14 days on 7 days off cycle of Xeloda! Phew!!

I agree with Fragilistic, heat is a great for the aches and pains. I have also used an antiinflammatory called Arthrotec. That helped tremenously. It is a horrible horrible side effect and I emphathise with you totally. Im also a great believer that no one needs to be in pain and I am sure there is something your ONC can prescribe or suggest for you.

How are you managing otherwise? Any other major side effects? I must say I battled with stomach/gastric issues and nausea on about day 9 or 10 for about a week....I can only assume that was the Xeloda accumulating and kicking in.

Stay in touch Deb...I dont know anyone else who is on this combo so although I have just finished it would be great to keep in touch with you

Sending lots of love


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I am terrible with oral medications, generally have allergic reactions to them, so most medications that are out there I have to approach with great caution, since I'm also hypersensitive to bendryl so I generally have an allergic reaction and wind up in ER for a dose of epinephrine to counter the reaction. I do greatly appreciate the knowledge about the heat though, I will certainly try it. As for the nausea, I've been blessed in that I have never had a problem with nausea in all the times I've been on chemo. I don't tolerate the medication that's generally given for nausea anyway, so this is a good thing. I did have Iloxi once and it has a 3-5 days carry over time and it lasted 9 days on me and caused massive constipation which didn't help with the pain either. So, 2 down and 4 to go yet. I read that some had been on Iexempra and opted to go with infusions weekly x 3 weeks and they mentioned the spasms were tolerable, have you heard anything about this?

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