heavy metals

For help with chemo, has anyone tried liquid zeolite? Excellent for removing heavy metals from the body. Also ASEA.

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I tried to get rid of heavy metals and other toxins going to dry sauna,sweating.I read articles
about athletes,marathon runners,they do not get cancer because of heavy sweat,when sweat was examined it had cadmium,heavy metals,other toxins that can cause cancer.after getting dry sauna my pet scan showed aggressive return of cancer,but it was because cancer mutated to different type and I was getting wrong tx

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Doctors do not recommend using zeolites with active cancer: zeolites remove heavy metals from the tissues making higher concentrations in the blood stream. These toxins could promote the cancer growth.

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dear Volga,I do not know any other process to remove heavy metals from the body,i came across few articles mostly from europe,that sauna,dry one does it naturally,no wonder people in Finland are so healthy.I enjoyed sauna,and did it for wellbeing.I would like very much to include as a friend,your name is associated with river Volga in Russia,where i was born,with all respect,inna udall

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