Dr Tuohy's vaccine!

This does nothing to persuade me that big Pharm wants to cure us but would rather treat us for the rest of our lives. Cha Ching!
www.cleveland.com/healthfit/index.ssf/2012/04/grass-roots_efforts_grow_to_r a.html

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I have been watching this doctor for over a year and I have even called there and spoken to his staff. What a shame that he would need to bring himself to China to get things moving. So many small groups have started collections for him, but he needs a big wad of cash. Where can we put the pressure?

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Thanks for posting. I don't know that much about the Tuohy vaccine but you've peaked my curiosity! From the article,
"Of the roughly 1,400 applications for research grants that the national Komen office receives annually, it awards money to fewer than 80." I wonder how many of those grants were for MBC.

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thanks for posting that. Its very depressing.
I believe the shareholders wants eps to rise and the cancer train is one long profitable express and I don't see it happeing anytime soon.

Think 1 injection of neulasta is $13,000.00


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It is staggering to think that something profound, such as this, is not being funded. I pray that a cure or reliable treatment is discovered.......to protect my children from this nightmare. I have my 15 yr old daughter, who has decided to get her ovaries and breasts removed as soon as she's 18.......prophylactically. I'm sure other BRACA + women fell the same.

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People like THIS, research like THIS, are what's going to ultimately save us...one day our voices will be heard.

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That the NCI would turn down this amazing research is just short of a crime. More lives will be lost while this great doctor tries to raise the funds needed to expand his work. And it's a sad commentary on the USA that there's far more interest in China than there is in America.

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NCI's budget has not been going up as fast as the cost of research. If there are drugs or vaccines further along to market that are showing promise. then those therapies get funded first.

I follow research in head and neck cancer and digestive diseases. Research funding in both areas are down from last year even though diagnoses for head and neck cancer are growing faster than most other cancers and digestive diseases from hepatitus to colon cancer to gastroperisis are increasingly common and treatments are often disabling.

I have been part of a lobbying effort for digestive diseases for the past three years. Every year we have had the save list of items we were asking for. This year we wanted to keep funding flat and everyone we spoke to said that was not going to be an option this year.

So this means that government funding of medical research can fund fewer projects. Private funding is limited as medical research involving research labs are a lot more expensive to fund than IT startups so money is tight. If there is money, it will be in places like China, so that is where the researchers need to go. It has happened in solar energy, battery technology and is now happening in medical research. Given the nature of politics, I think we can expect that all funding for research that can cure diseases or provide treatment for the side effects of what doctors do to cure us from cancer will be less than what all researchers want. for the rest of our lives.

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