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My 22 month old son recently saw a second neurologist and although he did not diagnose him with ADHD or ADD he definately agreed he is hyperactive! My main concerns were his aggresiveness, sleeplessness, hyperactivity, and mild developmental delays in language/others. One of my main concerns was the lack of sleep my son falls asleep really late usually after 11pm and then wakes up every two hours on the good days~on the bad days every hour. So the neurologist recommended we give my son up to 3mg of melatonin, I started on Tuesday and it has worked miracles!! My son falls asleep about 10-15 min after taking the pill and only wakes up twice the whole night!!! My question is does this dose seem too high for his age the doc told me it was fine to give him up to 3mg. Overall he seems happier and less cranky in the morning!!!

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Not sure about the dose, but I do know that as you take melatonin you develop a tolerance and need to increase the amount to get the same result. Also, you develop a dependence, so if you ever decide to take him off of it make sure you wean him slowly. I think a lot of doctors don't make sure to tell people these things. Hope it continues to help your son! : )

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Awe I feel horrible Aaronsito can't sleep! I understand your frustration, Im sure it's impossible for you to keep up with him. The same thing happens to me and I absolutely hate it. I go days without being able to sleep. I can't stop fidegting! I go on these highs and all I want to do is "play" my body feels tired but my brain won't turn off. I tried sleeping pills and calming drops but for some reason I catch myself fighting the effects and then I hate that they always make feel so groggy and irritated when they start to wear off and I begin to wake up. I really need to see a doc, maybe one in SA. Anyway, Im glad Aaron is resting with the M. but if you need help, you know who to call.....your momma lol jk .....MEEE of course, Im always happy to see you guys. Luv ya!

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I agree 3 mg seems high. I use 10 MG and I am a 61 year old 270 lb. man. Melatonin is the the chemical produced in the brain to induce sleep, so I can't see a problem with high doses. If your doctor says it is ok then it probaly is.

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Thank you for your feedback, I have been observing him and have been using it every other day just in case.

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Not a doc, but 3mg seems high. (You're sure it's not 0.3?)

Looking on the internet I see typical dosages in the 5-6 mg range for adults, and the usual first approximation to a child's dose is by weight. So if it's 6mg for a 200 pound adult it would be about 1mg for a 35 pound infant.

But adult and infant metabolisms differ in significant ways, and I find reasonably legit articles on the web that mention, eg, a 2.5 mg starting dose for children under 5, with the potential to increase up to a maximum of 7.5mg for children under 2.

So the doc's recommendation is not crazy-wrong, and may, based on his experience with other kids, be the best starting dose for your child. As always, you must use your own judgment.

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