The Start

I never really thought of being sick. I had problems, and could do things others could but I was told I was just weird.
Also I was use to others being in more need then I. I would accompany my mother and sister to the Childrens Mimorial Hospital In Chicago every month when I was younger. My sister would have test, after test, after test done. My sister wore braces on her legs; she could not close her mouth; she could not speak properly. Oddly enough, her language problem brought us closer together for when no one else could understand what she was saying I could understand perfectly.
Later in life I mat my wonderful husband and shortly after I became pregnant with our daughter my husband began having all sorts of problems. He complained of Head Pressure, Vertigo, Ballance Issues, Insomnia, Weight Gain and Strange Sore began to appear all over his body. He has seen many Dr but I believe we are just now starting to make progress.
I personally have begun looking into my own health and am now being tested for Multiple Arthitis, Auto-Immune Desises and possable EDS.
It can be very stress full as I get older watching all the people I love suffer while there is nothing I can do for them. Sometimes I get angry because of how helpless I feel for them, like I am of no use. I am really hoping this site will help me be more useful.

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Reading this site has been so helpful to me. I was diagnosed with EDS this past August and MS last week. The people here are very knowledgable and helpful along with being supportive. I would suggest you look into the driscol theory. I think the website is prettyill. Com. Good luck

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