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Mast Cell Confusion!

  • By SquishyBear · Posted April 19, 2012
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  • Yesterday I entered the world of mast cell!!! WOO HOO! .....I'm confused already. Help? I've always had a history of food allergies (Oral Allergy Syndrome), but once POTS, EDS, gastroparesis and all those ...

Long-Awaited Gastric Pacemaker Appointment!!!

  • By SquishyBear · Posted March 15, 2012
  • 6 replies
  • Hello all! Some of you guys know, I was going to have my appointment regarding my gastric pacer in May. However, God is awesome, as usual. they had a cancellation at the office and called to offer the ...

Still Getting Used to My NJ

  • By SquishyBear · Posted March 2, 2012
  • 6 replies
  • Thanks for all the support you guys gave when I first got my NJ. I'm still not exactly with the swing of it, but it's getting a little more familiar. I finally found something that didn't break my face ...

Double Zebra?

  • By SquishyBear · Posted February 21, 2012
  • 17 replies
  • Sooooo, yesterday I saw the marvelous Bradley T. Tinkle. He was awesome, as usual, and got down to business when nobody else really does. He diagnosed me about 6 months ago when my body was first deciding ...

Furrowing In the Esophagus

  • By SquishyBear · Posted February 18, 2012
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  • Hiya I had kind of a routine EGD the other day, and they found very distinct furrowing in my esophagus. I know this is like, trademark of EE (eosinophilic espohagitis), and it's been suspected that I ...


  • By SquishyBear · Posted February 18, 2012
  • 7 replies
  • Hi guys. I went to Cincinnati Children's this week for my endoscopy and manometry, but while I was there my doctor decided I needed a j tube. In the meantime, he's given me an n/j tube. I'm still not ...

Delta Granule Storage Food Deficiency

  • By SquishyBear · Posted January 23, 2012
  • 14 replies
  • Hey guys. I just saw Dr. Grubb for the first time today!!!!!! It was absolutely awesome, but that's beside the point of the post I suppose :P He said today that he thinks I have some sort of platelet ...

Hypoglycemia Cause??

  • By SquishyBear · Posted January 14, 2012
  • 4 replies
  • The last few times that I've had my blood drawn at the hospital, the sugar has been low. I never even knew I had problems with blood sugar, but it was showing up at about 50, NOT fasting. It was assumed ...

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