Dear , Ronan

Dear Ronan it seems like just yesterday when you were born. You were the smallest baby I had ever seen. We have been through so much. I took you to MT. Helix for the first time yesterday and took your picture there. That is where mommy used to go to pray. Believe it or not mommy was told twice that you wouldn't make it. But you showed those doctors :) You had your brain bleeds and a g-tube but you still smile everyday. We have our ups and downs well mommy has ups and downs you have mostly ups. You are 13 mo old now 9 mo adjusted and you smile all the time you only cry if I walk by you without picking you up. Needless to say that doesn't happen very often you make sure of it. I hope one day you understand what you went through and that you are a miracle. You say so many words it amazes everyone. You even make some funny sounds and you love the baby in the mirror. You can almost sit up and you move all around the floor on your back but hey you get those toys don't you bud. You have a huge fan club everyone is pulling for you. I wish I was as strong as you. I wish I didn't worry all the time but I do every day. I am so happy that I am your mom. You are amazing and perfect I love you so much bud. We named you Ronan because it means king and you are the king of the house. You are making so much progress and I am so proud of you son. Every time I worry about you not doing something you all of a sudden do it, just on your own time. I am taking lots of video's for you so that you know how far you have come. You are everyones hero. All of our family loves you so much. You were a 1 lb baby now you are 18 lbs and very tall. You had a bad time with the 2 new teeth you got but they look adorable on you. Just hope one day you know how much you mean to not only me but the whole family. We have all changed because of you we all know unconditional love because of you. Yes son you are my Rock Star Ronan and we love you so much. Keep up the good work son. Love, Mommy

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Absolutely Beautiful! Go Baby Ronan! Our daughter is around the same age too, 26 weeker. they are such miracles.

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He sure is amazing! Such a great story too. Keep up the positive attitude! Our little ones sure do love to make the doctors rethink what they tell other parents!

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