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From geneatbest
December 8, 2011 at 4:23 pm

Always like to sign a guestbook and say welcome.

As difficult as it may seem, my sister, who in December 2011 will become a four year survivor of cancer on the tonsil says, stay positive.

She produced a small, short but helpful brochure titled "Patient to Patient, Survivor to Survivor, Thoughts on cancer survivorship: Diagnosis, Treatment & Recovery". You can see it, and enlarge it if necessary, or copy it at the "Cancer" Page on my business website at http://www.BestDryCleanersFL.com/Cancer.aspx.

As my sister has said, “My intention has always been to "pay it forward" and help others, even one person.

The journey of Recovery is long and tedious with many unexpected pitfalls. There is much grief to be dealt with, much loss to be dealt with and much emotional pain to be dealt with. Yet, Recovery is a wonderful time, a time of so much hope, so much gain if even in little steps, so much gratitude for all the wondrous miracles of life that you can now see so clearly. Simply put, it is quite a journey.

Please feel free to use my brochure to help others as they travel this rocky yet unbelievable road filled with love, support and kindness from so many people. It continues to amaze me.”

Much good luck.

Gene the self appointed Cancer advocate

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