My Dad and bladder cancer

At first, since I'm brazilian and english is not my native language, I would like to apologize for any mistakes and for the fact that I can't really be very specific about the medical names and expressions since I don't know them in english. My dad, who's 59, was diagnosed with bladder cancer 2 years ago after getting sick, an urine infection, when he was in vacation in miami with my mom. When he came back he started de exams. We were afraid because there's a history of prostate cancer in his side of the family but it was not it. It was stage 3 bladder cancer but hadn't reach the bladder wall or any other organs. He was treated with the BCG until last december when the doctors said that it wasn't working since the cancer was still coming back every time.

So on january 3th this year he had the neobladder surgery. He was really scared because a friend of his that had the same surgery had to stay for 40 days in the hospital, not the 20 that the doctors told him he would probably stay.

We ended up staying for almost 100 days. Since the surgery it's been a struggle. He was having infection after infection, came home on the end february and stayed for only a week until he started having trouble peeing and his kidneys stopped working. The doctors were having trouble getting the double J stent out because of the way the bladder positioned itself after the surgery and he ended up staying with it 2 months and a have with it, which it's not common at all. They were sure that it was one of the factors of this infections. They took it out 2 weeks ago through the kidneys.

Soon after it he came home and was doing great, even started working again until this morning, when he passed out twice, started shivering and we took him to the hospital. Another infection, very strong one this time, so he'll have to stay in the ICU and get a blood transfusion.

I found this website a couple of weeks a go, and though of writing, specially for him. I wanted to find people that went or are going through the same things he is and show him that there's a life after all this. He was so scared of going back to the hospital today, he stayed there so long that he didn't want to go back.

Thank you for reading,

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Hi Julia,

I am so sorry that your father has had such a complicated recovery. Sounds like this infection is quite serious and I hope that appropriate antibiotic treatment will soon have him on the mend. One of the risk factors for infections is retained urine in the diversion, so he will need to be vigilant about getting as empty as possible. It does seem that even given that, that some folks just have more problems with infections and rare individuals seem to get repeated infections that are very persistent. One of our members BrownsCrossing has dealt with this for several years with to date no good resolution. Others have found a variety of "tricks" that seem to help them. Hope things go well in the hospital and that this will be his last joust with infections.


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Just remind him that we live in an advanced world.
There are antibiotics for all different types of infections.
Although icu is for high risk patients he is in good hands and
Is getting lots of attention! Which is really good for him.
Like jj said he just needs to be extra careful as he is probably
More prone to
Infections than others. Diet and immunity can help aid in his defense mechanisms
As well as regular emptying and extra precautionary measures ie cOnstant sterilizing of his hands and objects
And no exposure to sick ppl etc. it might not completely stop it. It it may aid in helping risking
Him to exposures externally and internally. Also water is really good!

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Hello Julia,

I want to compliment you on your English. It was very easily read and understood. My husband, 72, has the "Bag", and has not had many infections at all, just a couple, one very bad, and one or two others, treated with a 10 day supply of antibiotics at home. He has other complications though, like bladder cancer metastasized to his left lung, so the potential for complications is there, that is for sure. He will complete chemo next week, and we are hoping that the scans will show the cancer is gone.
Tell your dad to just keep thinking positively, follow doctors' orders, and not to let these nasty infections get him down.
He is blessed to have a daughter who cares, and that will be a big help to him.
We all care on here.

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