TV coverage of the Advanced Breast Cancer Support Community

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and our Advanced Breast Cancer Support Community ( has been covered on live national television!

the first clip is weather man Lonnie Quinn of The Early Show on PBS:

...and the second is Kathy Lee on The Today Show:

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Thanks for sharing, Brian. The next step is having some of those gals in the chair next to the host explaining what it means to be in the Advanced Breast Cancer Community...let's all work on that :)

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yep yep!!!

A small step in the right direction!!! People need to know about the neuropathy, digestive problems, skin changes, looking yet another way to cover the head, fatigue with a capital F!!, working issues, insurance nightmares, getting good health care, and oh yeah, the unrelenting, pervasive, continual, never-ending, (did i leave one out?) voice in our head that chatters and babbles, "This will never end, nyah nyah nyah nyah!!"

You all know I am not a pessimist; however, this is reality for us. Unknown things may happen for any of us down the road, but it is few and far between. I was blessed with remission for ten years, but I know my time may be up now.

Yes, we need to keep bitching, screaming, laughing, and making noise about who we are and what we do, because our diagnoses, and DESPITE of our diagnoses..


ps. I had a kick ass birthday party last weekend!!!!!!!!!!

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