jan 6 2010

Hey everyone. well im back after a horrible 3months!. ive been off track . My lowest weight was 182. and now iam 193. so bout 11lbs ive gained.

I feel awful about falling off track. i guess i just let the old cliche of the holidays as an excuse. iam back though and kinda with my tail between my legs . but im going to do this again.

Start all over not going to worry bout what couldve been and what not. Just going to move fwd from here.
I apologize to all the friendships Ive let down. i guess in a way i knew i was doing wrong and didnt want to own up to it.
By not coming on and saying how horribly ive fallin off. maybe it just some how in my head didnt make it that bad! i.d.k .. I guess thats the way i dealed with the guilt. by not dealing with it.

But im back and looking fwd to results this is it this time. i started off at 246 iam 193 so thats still 53 lbs gone! so iam bout half way there. to hitting my 150 goal.

Here's to a new journey that will stick this time! =)

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Well you never have let me down we all have made errors because this journey for sure is no perfect one.. You have come so far and you always will have my support regardless of what your scale says! Lets make 2010 OUR YEAR!!

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I gained 11 around the holidays too! And I'm STILL struggling with the food (I go through these mini-rebellions). Not quitting though! You just ran into a bump... GLAD TO SEE YOU BACK!


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thx grls for the support!!! =)

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My old Inspire friend Loni.....are you still here?....lol I hope all is well with you. May God bless and I hope to chat again soon, Luyah

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I thought you were gonna divorce unhealthy....lol

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