noncalcified pulmonary nodules

I am a 42 year old retired firefighter. I'm a non-smoker, however I'm sure that I have inhaled my share of carcinogens. Now it seems that no good deed goes unpunished. Recently as part of a cancer screening I underwent a CT-Scan of my chest which revealed the following:

    - several (more than 6) noncalcified pulmonary nodules, pleural-based in both lungs up to

        4mm in diameter

    - several calcified granulomas in both lungs up to 4mm in diameter

    - in the left lower lobe there is a patchy density which is irregular and demonstrates a few air

        bronchograms as well as focal areas of patchy platelike and subsegmental atelectasis.

The calcified granulomas I get, its the non-calcified nodules and the atelectasis I'm worried about. I assume that follow-up CT Scans are needed to check growth of the non-calcified nodules, and perhaps I would be in the early part of a stage 1 condition. But, the patchy density has me very concerned. what are my best options at this point?

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I would think a PET scan would be in order to see if anything lights up. Keep us posted on your situation.

God Bless,


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Reading your post and looking at the changes you mentioned, are concerning. You have many different issues going on. Having more than four non-calcified nodules is something to stay on top of. Are you seeing a pulmonary specialist? When you have the changes mentioned above, your care needs to be evaluated by a team that sees these kind of changes on a more routine basis. Internists are great, but, as with any disease process, you want those attending to your care to be top notch! The patchy plate like atelectasis is describing the appearance. That can be treated with breathing treatments, breathing exercises, etc.

Do yourself a favor. Go to a leading lung center that is highly respected. You are young and have a full life ahead and you want to have treatment that is aggressive to assure the best outcome.

Be vigilant!! Don't wait until tomorrow what you should have done today! Some physicians prefer to play the waiting game, however, with this many things going on in your lungs you need to take the aggressive route. We only have one shot at getting lung cancer diagnosed right the first time and prevention.....early detection....there is nothing to compare it to. Best of luck to you and keep us posted. Prayers for finding the answers! Jolene

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It seems that I have spent nearly three days on the internet reading up on everthing out there concerning pulmonary nodules. Now I have so many questions. I went from never hearing of a pulmonary nodule to trying to become an expert. From everything I have read, based on my exposure to nasty chemicals and my age, there is a high likelyhood that these are malignant. Unless I am wrong, because they are bilateral, this would be an indication of sclc rather than nsclc. Also, it would seem to me that these nodules are probably a result of a cancer somewhere else in my body and they are mets in my lung. One thing I forgot to mention, I have had a pain in my lower left quadrant for more than a year that no one can explain. I have had a CT scan of my abdomen including a virtual colonoscopy with nothing found. I am not imagining this pain which makes me wonder if this is conclusive enough. Do I need to do the full blown colonoscopy? Also, I'm not sure that I am crazy about the watch and wait method, if my nodules are greater than 4mm, would not a needle biopsy be inline? What about the PET Scan? How accurate is this? I had a URI for the past several weeks, which is why I even got the CT Scan to begin with. Now I still cough even after all other symptoms have alleviated. Is there a connection? I am more confused than ever. Can someone please shed some light on the correlation between nodules and cancer?

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I would ask for a PETscan to see if any of these non-calcified nodules light up. I'm not sure what the patchy density means. I do know my chest xray showed my tumor to have irregular borders.

Don't waste any time getting this done.

Best wishes,


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Man I am thinking we are singing the same tune! I only have one spot on my lung, but it has grown from 4mm to 6mm in the last 7 months and it is noncalcified. I also had some serious lower abdomen pains, that no-one can figure out what they are. I had a CT of the abdomen & nothing showed up, they did a HIDA scan (even though the pains are low), and an ultrasound of my ovaries & stuff. Nothing. And I can tell they think I am imagining things or a hypochondriac, whcih I am not. But doing the CT of the abdomen is what found the lung spot, and now I am scared that the two are connected & perhaps I have some cancer in my stomach or intestines and it is mets to my lung. I am trying to calm myslef down about this, but it's hard. I don't know any more than you and am trying to research this out, so if you figure anything out, let me know!

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Well now it gets even weirder. I recently made a trip to the ER and several other trips to my regular doctor for abdominal pains. A ct scan did show a small stone in my left kidney however most of my pain was on my right side and just below my belly button along with a ripping/tearing sensation in my belly button. It also is uncomfortable to urinate, not painful or burning, just uncomfortable. Now this is where it gets weird, I go in for abdominal pain and they find a 4mm nodule in one of my lungs. They still dont know why I have abdominal pain. They thinks its either stones or a hernia, however all three of us have had abdominal pains and all three of us also have nodules in our lungs. Odd.

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You are lucky to be in the same state as the world's best cancer institution--MD Anderson in Houston. You can trust in their assessment and suggestions and divest yourself ruminating, anxiously, about what you might or might not have. Furthermore, an early finding of a malignancy is the most survivable finding.

Good luck!

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I'm a 45 year old female with no history of smoking. My only medical history is severe acid reflux and hiatal hernia. I did have my gallbladder removed about four years ago because I was so nauseated for about two weeks that I lost 22 pounds in those two weeks. They never found any stones and the gallbladder report simply stated the gallbladder had chronic inflammation. Now to the point. I fell a little over two weeks ago and have had pain in my left ribs. I had two chest xrays that showed no fracture, but because I kept having pain, they did a CT scan. My doctor called me today and said the CT showed the left side(which I'm having pain in) was normal. However, it revealed a 5mm noncalified nodule in the base of my right lung. He said the radiologist report recommends a follow up CT in six months. What I have researched today recommends everything from having a f/u CT in 3 months, to seeing pulmonolgist and insisting having surgery. I do have a family history of cancer. My mother died at age 42 of abdominal cancer and her sister died at age 65 of colon cancer. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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I would suggest that you see an oncologist, or someone that will order a PET scan, also a CT scan needle biopsy or bronchoscopy of the lung to get sample of whether it is cancer or not, and what type.
Please update after further tests, praying for good results, Karen

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I would worry too if put in your position. Could you have possibly inhaled large amount of asbestos powders? I hope you find out answers soon, meanwhile, please breath deep and easy. Best of luck!

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I have never been around asbestos as far as I know, but I did work around various chemicals for about ten years. From encouragement of a group of my friends, I did call a pulmonolgist practice and they also recommended I be seen. The first appointment they had open was for July 20. I will update after I see the pulmonologist, but would love to hear back from others who are dealing with a similar issue. Thanks so much for the replys.

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As crazy as it sounds I just went to the hospital for abdominal pain. They diagnosed me with colitis after a CT scan. Upon reading the scans they noticed a 4mm noncalcified pulmonary nodual in my lower left lobe. I am only 27 years old but have smoked for the past 13. I quit as soon as I found out. I am terrified because they want me to wait 6-12 months for another scan. I just wish I could get an answer on if its benign or malignant. If anyone has advice, I'm all ears.

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