My life after a 4 way bypass surgery

May 18,2011, I had a 4 way bypass surgery. I am so greatful to my youngest daughter, who is a radiologist, got the ball rolling, Also, thanks a whole bunch to all were concern through this ordeal.

One of my interest is to join this inspire group, and get to learn more, so I would know how to take care of my heart health.

Aapproximately, 10 years ago, the symtons had started, but, due to lack of knowledge, and was not able to recognize my priority.
Thank God, I was given a SECOND CHANCE

Knowledge is power!

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T - it only gets better from here on in. I hate to say 'welcome'...... most likely not the place you would choose to be, but you will find all kinds of good information here - real life, that's for sure. Positive, grateful, happy.... what a great way to begin your healing!!!! Good luck with it all.

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Welcome to Inspire. Sorry that you have to be here, but glad that you have joined as it is a great start to recovery. I am 80 and am recuperationg from a triple bypass which I had in December. This was my second time around as I did have a bypass 20 years ago. I want to share the fact that I am doing very well, thanks to the wonderful support from my wife, children and friends and the support from the people here at Inspire. What I really think has helped the most is spending 36 days going to Cardiac Rehabiliation. Prior to this I was having a very difficult time both walking and shortness of breath. I am much stronger now and am doing almost everything that I was doing before. The exercise which I am continuing to do, plus eating more healthier meals has done wonders. I still have discomfort on right side of chest, but finally am able to sleep in a bed. Spent many nights in a recliner, but thank goodness I had one. I healed a lot quicker the first time around, but I was also a lot younger. I have successfully beaten both prostate and lung cancer. I feel very fortunate to still being active and along with the great support I have received, my attitude has gotten more positive, which is most important. It appears that you are also very positive and that is a great start. Stay positive, keep fighting, never, never give up and above all, be your own advocate. My wife and I wish you a speedy recovery and we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.


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Welcome aboard.

Funny, the same thing happened to me. In 2001, I was admitted with chest pains, 10 years later, the mighty zipper.
This is a great board, with plenty of good information, and fine people who will help support your recovery.

Good luck to you!

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Thank you! to all three of you , to encouge me with the comforting words.

I am so new at this program, stumble my way through to learn how to operate, so I can conquer the way to find out how to answer you back.

I hope you get this reply with my sincere THANKS!

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Oh, I forgot humble too. MANY, many years to come for you!!!

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Good Luck to you and i am glad you came to this board. It is very helpfull.
Hang in Their

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