The Sister Run 5k Run/Walk- Melbourne, FL

Hi Everyone,

First I must say this is a terrific addition to the site. A forum where the OC community can converse is much needed. I run a site in Central Florida called The "Teal Ribbon Network". I started the site as a tribute to my mother who is an OC survivor of 9 years, and was originally diagnosed at Stage 3C. She is an amazing inspiration and has done a lot to inform our community.

On September 8th, to kick off Ovarian Cancer Awareness month, we are continuing a tradition in Melbourne, FL called "The Sister Run". It is a 5k Run/Walk to promote awareness of Ovarian Cancer. All proceeds go to the Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Florida's Space Coast chapter, which is very active in the community.

For more information on the run including how it started and registration, please visit our site at . If you are located anywhere in Florida or may be visiting the area, we would love to have your support!

Laura Harrington

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The Sister Run sounds really nice. I have been looking for a walk/run to participate in. I live in Maryland and the closest walk/run that I know of is in Virginia Beach. I am 22 years old and after 3 surgercies my OC was also diagnosed at a stage IIIC. Lucky for me I haven't had to go through any chemotherapy treatments, but I still struggle with the everday realties, but I guess that takes time. Do you know of any walks/runs in my area or where I can get some information? As far as I understand after attending "Teal Classes" we only participate with the Breast Cancer walk. Please let me know if you have any information. Thanks.

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I think it is amazing that you are 22 and dealing with all of this. I think everyone touched by OC will always have the everyday realities, I know my mom does, but I think she realizes that she can be miserable and afraid, or she can live life one day at a time, thankful and happy for the life she does have. I think it has made her an even stronger woman than she already was.

This is the info I found for Maryland, I would contact them to see if they know of any walks/runs in the area.

Tri-State Ovarian Cancer Alliance (MD, PA, WV)
6 Warfield Place
Lavale, MD 21502
Tel. (301) 729-6776
Judy Fitzgerald

Tri-State Ovarian Cancer Alliance is a group of volunteers that promotes general awareness and educates the Tri-State area women and their health care providers about the risks, symptoms and treatment of ovarian cancer. We participate in a variety of community events and hand out education materials.

Talk to you soon,

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