Dehydrated? You weigh less when you are a dry sponge

Well.....I've been floating on the scale between 268 and 270 since my last report. I talked to my fitness coach about how I could have possibly weighed 264.8 one day, and 270 the next. Its impossible to gain 5.2 pounds overnight...especially when you aren't being a glutton.

She is just as puzzled as me...but had one suggestion.

Since I am weighing first thing in the morning, it could have been that I went to bed dehydrated and woke up extermely dehydrated, which would make that scale give me a false low.

So, I guess I know what I weigh when my "sponge is dry" but it was a false weigh-in.

This morning, I dropped below 268 for the first time since my last posting....267.4. I believe it this time!

I've sure slowed down on the pounds lost, but my body is still changing in ways I can feel and see.

I've upped my workouts (and calories) and am feeling great.

I'm ok with going slower...knowing I'm living healthy and the weight will come off because of it over time. These days I'm measuring my success by how long I can last on the treadmill, or on the Wii in addition to my Curves commitment to 3X a week (which I'm sticking to like clockwork).

We'll just see what the next official Curves weigh/measure in shows us. I'm sure it will be just as forward moving as my previous measurement days. pace is slower than yours (for now), but I've got my eye on your back and intend to keep you within my sights on this marathon we are running together! I know you are cheering for me...and I'm cheering for you from behind you!


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Well YAY! Thank you for this post! This IS good information. Even for those who know it already. OR should know it! LOL

I, like Sug have been at this (This time) for 19 weeks and my weight loss is beginning to slow as well.

Last Saturday I was 199.4. This Saturday I am 202 on the nose. I was like what the ----??? Even tho, I know, yaknow?

Oh well, what I am experiencing is quite natural. A FLUX, which has only happened 2-3 times in all these weeks. Doesn't mean I have to like it!

But thanks, I needed this post today.

We're in it for the long haul, right?

Keep up the good work. You are doing awesome, looks like!

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Hmmm a false low?? I'll have to keep that in mind. Never knew about that! And i know how you feel about taking it slow. Thats what i'm hoping for...i'm not dropping drastic amounts of weight but im eating better and exercising and i can see the changes more then the scale shows. And i'm just gonna keep up with what i am doing and hope over time it shows off on the scale! Keep up the hard work!

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If your building muscle or weight lifting you may be loosing weight but muscle weighs more.

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If your weight loss is slowing you need to increase intensity and or switch it up.

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Thanks for posting this. A 'false low' is not something I had considered. I have seen a drastic influx in weight due to the consumption of processed salty crappiness the night before on occasion. Whoops!

I love that you mentioned Sugarplum in this post, too. Gave me a good laugh. She's got a bulls-eye on her back because she is a freakin' MACHINE.

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Rebecca you are right I am pulling for you, girl!!! I am on vacation this week, and you might just breeze right on by me. I am going to try, but we will see how it goes.

That is great info that you passed on thanks for the tip!!

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