Seeking co-pay assistance for Botox injections for spasticit

I am looking for alrenative sources of financial assistance for Botox procedures and the medication, especially co-pay and co-insurance assistance. I can not afford the secondary payment that Medicare does not pick up. Does anyone have any suggestions? I live in North Carolina and wondered if NORD or other state services assist with co-pays for Botox. The drug company does not provide co-pay assistance for spasticity, only cervical dystonia.

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Please go to--

This is the link to NORD's medication assistance program (MAP) --Botox for use in spacticity is included in our MAP progam.

Stefanie Putkowski, RN

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Hey Stefanie,
I do not see the assistance for co-pays or co-insurance your are referring to. I need assistance with the co-insurance that Medicare does not cover for the drug and injection. I see co-insurance assistance for MS, not for spasticity in general.

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Hello Jan--
I looked into this further and was advised that NORD's Botox for spasticity program was just transferred, within the past month, back to the pharmaceutical company.
You should call them directly, via the Botox Access Line, at 1-800-442-6869. Option #6.

Good luck!

Stefanie Putkowski, RN

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