Lap Band Post Op 13 days out

I feel that I am doing good considering I am 13 days post op. I am getting tired of liquids though. I am so ready for a scrambled egg and pureed foods starting this Saturday. I am feel tired when I get up in the mornings to get ready to come to work. I have worked full days everyday this week except Monday. As far as being hungry, I have done well with that. I make sure that I do my protein shake in the morning, plenty of water during the day and I have been having egg drop soup or tomato soup for lunch and supper. I got on the scales this morning and it looks like I have lost another pound. This makes 18 lbs so far since I had my surgery on 3/25. I know pureed does not sound good to a lot of people, but at least I can pureed some chicken and add some herbs and spices to it. There is not a lot that I feel I can do with liquids. I am still glad that I had the surgery and would not turn the clock back. I did not think that I had lost it in my face like my Durable Medical Equipment Provider told me when I had to switch out my CPAP mask, but I have. I look in the mirror and I can truly see in in my face around my cheek areas. I go today after work, because I am having problems with the pressure on my CPAP. The DME and my sleep doctor seems to think it is too much for me, so they are going to try me on an auto CPAP for two weeks. I guess this is to track what my breathing is and what kind of pressure I need now since I have had my surgery. I hope it will help, because as of right now, my CPAP is not helping me. I feel like I am pushing against a wall of air when I breathe. I did not feel like that before my surgery. I never thought I would experience things changing so rapidly after my surgery. I knew the surgery would help my health, but I did not know I would see results this quick.

My Fibromyalgia is doing really well. I have only had one episode since my surgery and because I could not take my medicine, I took the liquid pain medicine, the spasm went away. I have been so much better with my Fibromyalgia ever since I started using my CPAP. I just never knew that Fibromyalgia could be tied to my sleep apnea, but I do know that it is now. I hope eventually I can come off all my Fibromyalgia medicine.

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Miracle, sorry that I have not replied before now. Have had a great deal going on and just have not been here as much as I have been before. Just wanted to congratulate you again, and I hope that you are continuing to do well! I know that you are, and I have added you to my prayers! I know by now you are probably having some solids and are adjusting well. I hope that your CPAP problems are all fixed now,. Blessings to you!


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Congrats on your surgery and weight loss so far. I am in the process f getting all the appts neded so that I can have lapband surgery. I also have sleep apnea and I am on By-pap. My biggest fear is the anesthesia not the surgery I hope we can share our experiences and support each other in the future. If I am not able to lose someof this weight, my heart is simply going to give out. I can feel the pressure that it is causing and I am very anxious and worried. I wish you continued success. Please keep me posted as to how you are doing.

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Thank you for responding to my journal. I have lost 23lbs now. I am starting to get the hungry pangs. I go next week for my first fill. I am still doing good with my diet. I am still on the pureed and really soft stuff. My doctor told me that I can have some fish like tilipia starting this coming Friday. I am looking forward to when I do start chewing stuff, but I think at the same time, I will be a little scared. I am very cautious with my eating and trying to follow what the doctor told me to do. I don't want to wind up like one of the horror stories that I have heard or read from others where they messed up with their lap band surgery. I just keep drinking my tomato juice when I get a gnawing and drinking my water. So far, so good. I just need to keep my head on straight, because I have a goal and I want to achieve it.

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I m also waiting for lapband surgery and I also have sleep apnea and use by-pap machine. I am terrified of the anesthia......please tell me how youdid with that. Did they just knock you out or did they intibate you while awake? I know t sounds crazy but I am really scared silly about that. I am so happy that you are doing so well. Most all of my medical issues would reolve with weight loss. I meet with my cardiologist on Monday who is aware and supportive of my getting the surgery and hope he will clear me to go ahead with the process. I wish I had done this years ago. Hope we can say in touch


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Your progress is fantastic. Congratulations. I know that you are going thru something really tough. Just remember that when your diet regulates that you have to make a lifestyle change permanently. If you don't you will rebound years down the road. I wish you luck. I will add you to my prayers.

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