" The Loss of a Parent " ( poem )

With the loss of a parent we experience such pain,
Seeing no rainbow after this rain,
Our heart aches with every thought,
Grief so overwhelming feeling so distraught;

We often hear that with time our heart will heal,
Not much comfort as we painfully climb this hill,
We can only focus on the here and now,
Praying each day to go on somehow;

Sudden or unexpected no way to prepare,
God, this loss and grief feels so unfair,
A bond so strong since the day I was born,
Going on without you my heart is shattered & torn;

Photos and memories I will treasure in time,
When the grieving slows, and I can clear my mind,
Your spirit surrounds me as I try to move on,
With this gift and God I know I'm not alone;

In my heart you will forever remain,
My life with you gone can't be the same,
I pray to see you again in Heaven someday,
Where life is eternal, no more going away;

Written by: Dorsey I. Taylor Petro

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So very beautiful, Dorsey...
I know your words have touched your parents...and they are smiling down on you.

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This is so beautiful

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