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Checking In

  • By SeeGirlLive · New reply 3:35 am
  • Journal · 17 replies
  • 4/17: I tried just now to stand up and walk to the lamp so that I could turn it off. I got dizzy and started seeing flashing lights in front of my eyes. It’s like in Speed Racer! Now I’m laying back down ...

Is being a virgin cause more pain during an endometrial biopsy?

  • By Skibum12 · Posted 3:06 am
  • Discussion in Questions · 0 replies
  • I keep getting ovarian cysts, as well as irregular menstrual bleeding. My doctor wants to do an endometrial biopsy. I am really worried for a couple of reasons. One is because a regular pelvic exam and ...

Updating, since my April hospitalization.

  • By lisapavlov · New reply yesterday at 3:22 pm
  • Journal · 8 replies
  • So, I apologize for not being on Inspire much since my hospitalization. When last I left you I had been hospitalized for chest pain and 12 days if diarrhea (no fun!!). It postponed my medical follow-up ...

Completely Drained

  • By SeeGirlLive · New reply yesterday at 12:17 pm
  • Journal · 82 replies
  • I am extremely tired. Impossibly exhausted. I haven't been online much because of it, so if I haven't replied to you, communicated with you, or updated anyone on something, I swear I'm not ignoring you ...

Force Feeding

  • By SeeGirlLive · New reply yesterday at 11:24 am
  • Journal · 25 replies
  • Today is Chemo 5 Day 1 My WBCs were still low, but higher than they were last week. My RBCs were almost normal. I did have some random bruising. I'm still having some electrolyte imbalance issues which ...

What are your fav TV and Radio shows?

  • By Flare999 · New reply yesterday at 9:48 am
  • Journal · 10 replies
  • My nurse wants me to find stuff that relaxes me, so what helps you? For radio we have RAW FM 87.60 going most of the time. Hubby introduced me to it and at first it was all alien to me and last year a ...

In the ER and being admitted...

  • By lisapavlov · New reply April 17, 2014
  • Journal · 21 replies
  • Waiting on a bed. Had to go yesterday for both chest pain and the ongoing diarrhea (on 13th day). They are concerned about the stents... :(( I also majorly dropped my blood pressure going from lying down ...

My Cardiac Rehab Orientation

  • By lisapavlov · New reply April 17, 2014
  • Journal · 7 replies
  • Cause ppl like to share their experiences: Woke up at 7:30 for a registration time at 7:45 am (kids supposed to wake me at 6am before they went to school). Tore open gym bag for suitable gym clothes ...

Intense Chronic Internal Vaginal Itching HELP!

  • By BrookeLeeKeefer · New reply April 17, 2014
  • Discussion in Illnesses · 4 replies
  • A month ago I developed an intense 24/7 itch in my vagina. I was originally diagnosed with a yeast infection from a culture that grew candida albicans. Since then I have been treated with over the counter ...

"A wake-up call from a young e-patient: 'I need to be heard'”

  • By John2 · Posted April 15, 2014
  • Journal · 0 replies
  • From: John Novack, Communications Director, Inspire 4/15/14 Dear members, I am writing to share with you a new guest column in "Scope," the Stanford University School of Medicine's medical blog: "A wake-up ...

Starting Cardiac Rehab

  • By lisapavlov · New reply April 15, 2014
  • Journal · 27 replies
  • On Thursday, insurance all cleared. Have an intake appt with a Cardiovascular guy that morning :) Never been so glad to exercise ...

Music Break, Gotta Have Heart

  • By lisapavlov · New reply April 15, 2014
  • Journal · 3 replies
  • Starting with 50 songs about Heart. Hoping to make the list more broadly about songs that reflect the journey. Bit will take some reflection. Happy to add your favorite picks :) On Spotify. ...

Turner Syndrome Interview

  • By kitchneralex · Posted April 15, 2014
  • Journal · 0 replies
  • Hi Everyone! My name is Alex Kitchner, and I am a teacher candidate at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. I am currently studying Special Education and for an assignment in one of my classes, I have ...

How About That

  • By la4dreams · New reply April 14, 2014
  • Journal · 5 replies
  • Today may have started off as a not so great day but once again it must be turned into a great day. I got up feeling okay just a little achy so I pushed myself to move and jumped in the shower. Accomplished ...

Stomach Upset??

  • By lisapavlov · New reply April 14, 2014
  • Journal · 21 replies
  • With diarrhea for seven days. When would you call doc?? I saw cardiologist yesterday and mentioned it. She asked if I had a fever. I had one Sunday night only I'm on Coreg, Effient, Baby Aspirin, Lipitor ...

Abnormal bleeding

  • By Butterflymae · New reply April 9, 2014
  • Journal · 1 reply
  • Hi everyone, I had a colposcopy done over a month ago, It showed A lesion, precancerous cells, I'm having A leep on friday, about two weeks after the colposcopy I had bleeding after sexual intercourse ...

I'm Happy For You?

  • By SeeGirlLive · New reply April 8, 2014
  • Journal · 15 replies
  • I've waited a little to write about this, but I can write about it now. My sister is pregnant again. Now, this was not exactly intentional, but neither was my niece, and she is the best thing that has ...

Eating Dusty Socks

  • By SeeGirlLive · New reply April 8, 2014
  • Journal · 29 replies
  • My calcium is extremely low. That may be why the tingly feelings and not neuropathy? That's an easier fix. I guess I will find out once this calcium is done. If anyone knows a way to make food taste less ...

Year of Gratitude- 2014

  • By amarettosour · New reply April 8, 2014
  • Journal · 677 replies
  • Happy New Years To All Inspire Members! I decided to start a journal for gratitude for the new year in 2013. 2013 is behind us and its time to move forward. This journal has transformed my life in 2013 ...

Help with ovarian cysts

  • By JessyK86 · New reply April 7, 2014
  • Discussion in Illnesses · 1 reply
  • Hi All! I have been dealing with ovarian cyst trouble over the past month. I was having severe pelvic pain in the beginning of March and went to the ER. I was diagnosed via TV ultrasound with a 4cm cyst ...

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