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I don't post here much, but wanted to do update as to where my SCAD journey has taken us. I was able to taper off of all the heart medicines other than the low dose aspirin over the summer of 2012 after my one year follow up with the cardiologist. I ran three 5 k races over the summer and really felt great about my health. I talked with my cardiologist and my OB about my continued desire to try for another child. They both indicated that there would be risks, though they couldn't say whether I would have another SCAD from becoming pregnant or not because there is not a lot of research on the topic and everyone's story is different. I have recovered well from the SCAD and the tear was in a very small artery.

My husband and I hadn't technically decided to start trying, but I was very open to the idea and we were both lax in our contraceptive methods. We discovered we had become pregnant in December and are due in August. I've been in to see my dr.s and we are taking a watchful approach to my pregnancy. There's not a lot to be done unless I start having cardiac symptoms. I believe that keeping a positive outlook is my best defense and will be taking every moment as it comes.

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